Call it creepy, inappropriate or just plain strange.

The word is out about a prospective home buyer with a serious foot fetish.

The guy is going around telling female real estate agents he'd like to rub their feet.    

The prospective home buyer, who calls himself, "Anthony," has no real interest in square footage or a backyard pool.

His focus is on feet, specifically the feet of female realtors he's reached out to across the Valley.

Back in 2014, nearly two dozen realtors were contacted by "Anthony."

One of them was realtor Hope Salas.

"He asked me questions like, 'Do I wear heels often?'" Salas said. "He said most of his clients were female and they wore high heels. He wanted to know what my situation was."

Following the news story, the creepy foot guy seemed to disappear - but now he's back.

On Tuesday, Phoenix realtor Jill Yancey, with HomeSmart, was contacted by a man, who seemed interested in buying a home, but soon, he started texting about reflexology and giving "the best foot rubs."

"It sounded very normal, like a very normal phone call," said Yancey. "He told me what he was looking for and I said I'd send some listings. Then he was talking about foot rubs and he gives the best foot rubs, and then I thought that's really creepy."

Valley realtor Shelley Sakala said that someone with a foot fetish, reaching out to female realtors, is downright disgusting.

It could be harmless, but it may not be, which is why Sakala takes extra precautions with any prospective clients she doesn't know.

"I rarely would meet a man alone," said Sakala. "I just don't feel like it's safe. If I get any kind of vibe, or somebody texts me and starts asking about my feet, that's a huge red flag."

A number of realtors have reported "Anthony" to police, but since he hasn't made any threats or broken the law, there's not much they can do.

Efforts to reach "Anthony" have been unsuccessful, and no one is quite sure who he is.

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