CASA GRANDE, Ariz. -- Coming up with a good idea is one thing. Making it a reality and getting it to market is another.

Bob Ferguson knows this from personal experience. When the Arizonan saw a very interesting fabric that seemed to prevent damage to items, a light bulb lit up in his head. He thought that if he could put that fabric in a hat or helmet, it might just help prevent some sports injuries.

Fast forward a few years, and SkullTec is a reality. SkullTec is a specially designed cap that can be worn by itself or inserted into a helmet.

While it can't stave off every injury, Ferguson's company says SkullTec's gel caps have been scientifically proven to reduce the impact of collisions by 25 percent. The design, ease of use, and effectiveness against impact related injuries are making it a hot item.

It took years of research and development, success and failure, testing countless of applications across the sports spectrum, but Ferguson is proud of his product. With endorsements from current and former NFL, NHL, MLB, and MLS players, SkullTec continues to be a leader in under-the-helmet and helmet-less collision-reduction technology.

The SkullTec cap is lightweight and washable.

With a very interesting way of showing how good his product is, Ferguson puts his money -- or rather his hand -- where is mouth is. He wraps his hand in the special SkullTec fabric and then slams his hand with a heavy metal object.

After a couple of solid whacks, Ferguson said he feels no pain and there's no damage to his hand.

"That's the type of protection you get when you wear one of our products," he told 3TV's Scott Pasmore after one of his signature demonstrations Monday morning.

The SkullTec caps come in small, medium and large, and run about $70.

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