Every morning, Vicki French and dozens of other people join Good Morning Arizona on Facebook live.

One day last week a typically chipper Vicki wasn't so chipper, stating, "I'm hungry. I'm hungry and I have no food."

Immediately the people on live, who have become friendly with each other, started responding with support. Some offered support through communication while others started getting information to offer support in the form of food.

Meanwhile, both Javier Soto and Tess Rafols were receiving messages with people bringing Vicki's situation to their attention.

So both Javier and Tess started gathering information from Vicki and several others to try and make something happen.

The Surprise Squad is always ready to jump in to help but these stories typically take weeks to put together. However, in Vicki's situation, they knew the need was immediate and couldn't afford to wait that long knowing she hadn't eaten.

To make matters worse Vicki is diabetic which made the situation dire.

So, The Surprise Squad stepped up and went grocery shopping for Vicki and her husband.

When they surprised her, she was floored.

"Oh my Gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh, it's food. Oh,wow. Oh, thank you so much, Javier," said a shocked Vickie.

"How long has it been since you had a good meal?" asked Javier.

"It's been a week," French said. "It's been a real struggle. My husband was in and out of the hospital last year about 24 times and we live on disability."

The amazing thing is not only did the Surprise Squad show up with groceries and a $500 gift card, several other people from Facebook live dropped off food and gifts cards, too. Copyright 2016 KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.?

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