(3TV/CBS 5) - Customers at a Phoenix-area Albertson’s got surprised when 3TV anchor Scott Pasmore offered to pay for their groceries.

“Sir, how are you doing?” Pasmore asked.

“Ma’am, how are you doing?” Pasmore asked as he approached customer after customer at the cash registers.

“I’m Scott Pasmore with Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad,” said Pasmore.

“I know, Scott. I watch you every day,” one lady responded.

“You do?” Pasmore asked.

“I love you!” she said.

“I’m going to buy your groceries today. Would you like that?” Pasmore said.

“I would love it! Thank you. You’re a doll!” the surprised woman said.

Pasmore also made his way throughout the store, spreading the good fortune. He gave a $100 gift card to a gentleman in a scooter, fresh from surgery.

“A plate and three screws in my ankle,” the man explained.

“We’re going to pay for your groceries,” Pasmore said.

“No!” the man said in disbelief.

A woman, expecting her third daughter any day was also surprised with a $100 gift card. 

“You’re going to make me cry. Don’t make a pregnant lady cry,” the expectant mom said.

Pasmore then approached a young couple in front of the meat counter.

“I see you checking coupons,” Pasmore said.

“Always looking for the best deal?” Pasmore asked.

“Right,” the woman said.

“You guys kind of on a budget?” Pasmore said.

“I just lost my job,” the man said.

“It’s been two weeks now. Without no money for two weeks. It’s kind of hard,” he added.

“That’s tough. Do you have any kids?” Pasmore asked.

After sharing that they have three kids, Pasmore gave them the good news.

“I’m going to give you a gift card for $100 to pay for your groceries,” Pasmore said.

“Oh, wow!” the man said, while his wife choked up with tears.

“Would that help out a little bit?” Pasmore asked.

“Yeah, thanks a lot,” the grateful man said.

“Yeah. Thank you so much,” his stunned wife said.

A senior lady confided to Pasmore that she only brought $50 with her and was having difficulty sticking to the amount. He then offered to buy her groceries.

“Oh my gosh!” the woman said in astonishment.

“How does that sound?” Pasmore asked.

“It sounds wonderful,” she said, giving Pasmore a big hug.

“So, let’s load this baby up!” Pasmore said.

“It’s a miracle,” she exclaimed.

Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad wanted to do more than pay for groceries. Customers were encouraged to Pay It Forward with each customer also receiving a gift card to pass on to someone else who needed a break.

“I’m going to give you this card, it’s worth $100, if you promise to Pay It Forward and give it to somebody else,” Pasmore said.

Customer after customer appreciated the opportunity to help others. One lady picked someone at the next register to spread the wealth instantly.

“How does that feel?” Pasmore asked as he escorted the lady back to her own basket.

“It feels good!” she said smiling.

Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad is powered by your Valley Toyota Dealers.

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