A powerful monsoon storm destroyed a Mesa family's home as a huge tree crashed through the roof.

"It was like an action film and just the hugest explosion," said Joseph Oso describing the night of July 9th, 2018, when a monsoon storm brought a huge tree crashing down on his mother's house.

"First, haboob came in, blew the door open. After everything calmed down the second one hit and that's when we saw she was trapped," said Joseph about his 75-year-old disabled mother, Ellen Oso. "Her right leg was impaled to the bed. That's why we couldn't move her. It was all the way through."

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Ellen, who is partially paralyzed from suffering a stroke 10 years ago, was rescued by paramedics. When she was released from rehab she came home to the surprise of a new bed.

"Hi, Ellen, I'm Javier Soto with Arizona's Family Surprise Squad, here to make sure you are comfortable in your new bed," he said. "I want to introduce you to Mark. He's with AZ MediQuip and he actually helped us in the purchase of this bed,"

"We're a supplier of home medical equipment right here in the Valley," said Mark Nicotera, president of AZ MediQuip.

"This is a fully electronic home hospital bed," said Nicotera describing the features of Ellen's new bed. "It's an extra wide model so the back's adjustable, the foot's adjustable and the height's adjustable, so you can do all that with your hand control."

"Play with it all you like," said Nicotera smiling.

Ellen smiled broadly as she tried the hand control and adjusted the bed.

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"I think the smile on your face says it all," said Soto laughing.

"Yeah!" said Ellen.

"Joseph, this is your mom," said Soto. "To see her smile like that. How does that make you feel?"

"That's all the things in the world," said Joseph. "She was born on the property where the tree fell on the house, so she's lived there for 75 years."

"What does mom mean for the entire family?" asked Soto.

"The rock. The rock," said Joseph thoughtfully.

"She raised four kids here. She has nine grandkids," said Joseph. "Her being a teacher for over 40 years here, head start.

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"During the summer she would take us to see all the sights of Arizona," Joseph said about his childhood. "Pack us up. Put us in the car. Cook some chicken. Be off."

"Oh, yeah!" said Ellen, agreeing with her son's trip down memory lane.

"What's the situation with the house right now?" asked Soto.

Joseph explained that the family's current residence was temporary and are still accepting donations to restore their home and American with Disabilities Act compliant.

"To get her another full-functioning bed like this - even better than the one she had before - it's amazing," said Joseph. "Absolutely amazing."

"I want to thank you guys so much for that," added Joseph. "Appreciate that so much."

"The surprises continue to come in," said Soto.

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"Oh, man, you're going to make me cry," said Joseph turning away. "I'm already trying to hold them back!"

"Thanks to our help from Valley Toyota Dealers, they have stepped forward and I want you to open that box right here," said Soto as he handed Joseph a purple pencil box.

"What's this?" asked Joseph taking the box while Ellen looked on.

"A remote…to…what?" said Joseph perplexed as he took a remote control out of the box.

"Oh!" exclaimed Ellen when she saw Arizona's Family Surprise Squad bring in a 43" LG TV.

"You get a brand-new TV!" said Soto.

"Oh! I love it!" said Ellen.

"This is for everything that you've done for the State of Arizona and the community and the children," said Soto.

"I love you!" said Ellen.

Go to https://www.gofundme.com/MonstoonStormDestroysHome if you would like to contribute to the rebuilding of Ellen's home.

Thank you to AZ MediQuip, Inc. for partnering with this surprise. Arizona's Family Surprise Squad is sponsored by your Valley Toyota Dealers

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