MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Teancum is a Mesa boy who spent much of 2019 in the hospital battling cancer. He and his family have been through so much this year, the Surprise Squad wanted to do something special for them. So we teamed up with Baking Memories 4 Kids and its founder, Frank Squeo to help them create some unforgettable memories.

[WATCH: Arizona's Family Surprise Squad gives Mesa boy a trip to Orlando theme parks]

“This family came to us through one of the nurses, his oncology nurse,” Frank told 3TV’s Yetta Gibson and the Surprise Squad. “They came to us over a year ago. Very humble, always wanting to help other people, this family. Even with a child with cancer.

Teancum’s father Pedro described how his long journey began. “One evening he was taking a shower. He noticed a little mass under the armpit of the left arm. The doctor came and confirmed our thoughts. He said, ‘I can not ensure, but most likely it’s cancer. It looks like, feels like, and acts like cancer.”

The boy went into surgery and went into cardiac arrest coming out of it. He flat-lined for about ten minutes before doctors could bring him back. After that he spent days, weeks and months in the hospital.

Frank and Baking Memories 4 Kids believe that there is no better gift you can give than one that gives people memories for a lifetime. So working with the Surprise Squad and the Mesa Police Department, a number of motorcycle officers with their sirens on pulled up to the front of Teancum’s home. When the family heard the commotion, the went outside to see what it was all about.

“Teancum?” Gibson asked.  “How are you this morning?”

“Good,” Teancum replied.

“Got out of school early,” Gibson noted.  “You don’t even know why, do you?”

“No,” answered Teancum.

“We got a couple of surprises for you,” said Gibson. “But first we want to start with Frank with Baking Memories 4 Kids.”

Frank spoke to the kids. “Mom and Dad and I have been keeping a really cool secret for a long time. Mom said that you went through a lot of stuff, right? So I called my friend Yetta at Surprise Squad. This officer here has got a big Mickey for you guys. You guys are going to go to Disney World, Sea World, Legoland, Universal Studios for a whole week. A whole week!”

“We get to miss school for a week?” Asked a shocked Teancum.

“You get to miss school for a week,” Frank answered. “And you guys are going to get to go on every single ride in the front of the line in every single park in the state of Florida.”

“We’re also here to give you more surprises,” said Gibson. “We understand this is a family of Scouts. So what we’re going to do first is we’re going to give you $500 and this is for the Boy Scout Store. Have you ever been there?”

“Yeah,” Teancum said.

“Seriously, he prefers to go to the Scout Store than to go to the toy store,” added his father.

“And we’re also going to give you guys $2500 just to do whatever you want with with,” said Gibson. “Surprise Squad and Valley Toyota Dealers, from us for you, and we hope that the rest of the year goes a lot better even though there’s only a few more days and weeks left.”

“We are a Christian family,” said Pedro. “His name, it’s a very uncommon name. Teancum, it’s the name of a warrior, an Aztec warrior. Teancum, it’s my name, it’s in my blood, it’s in my heart. I am a warrior.”


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