(3TV/CBS 5) -- A Valley mom, recovering from cancer surgery, received an insult from a stranger at her daughter’s karate class.

The comment was so deflating, her mother-in-law contacted Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad for a day of pampering to restore Kourtnie’s body and spirit.

“I nominated my daughter-in-law,” said Kathy. “She is a mom of two. She is a wonderful person. I really love her. She works hard. She doesn’t get home most days, till after 6 o’clock. She had had surgery in December. She has had a really hard time recovering from that.”

“She was disapproved for disability,” said Kathy. “For half of December and all of January, she hasn’t had any pay. She needs something to make her feel good about herself. Something to make her feel beautiful. Because she is beautiful.”

“Let’s go surprise her!” said 3TV’s Nicole Crites.

Kathy took Crites and Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad to Kourtnie’s apartment. When she knocked, her son Bradon answered the door. Kathy beckoned Kourtnie to come outside. The young mother was stunned to see the crowd and cameras at her door.

“Surprise!” said Crites. “We came to surprise you and give you a day that’s just for you. You’ve been having kind of a rough go of it the last month and having some tough days.”

“Yeah,” said Kourtnie.

“Tell me a little about that,” said Crites.

“I found out that I had uterine cancer and, so we had to get a hysterectomy,” said Kourtnie. “That was a pretty rough go. So, we moved here in June, from Vegas, after my husband lost his job, so it’s been a crazy year.”

“Recently you had a real crumby encounter with a stranger who said something kind of, unkind,” said Crites.

“I had just been recovering and had been taking my daughter to karate, doing what I can,” said Kourtnie. “And she just told me if I didn’t take better care of myself, my husband was going to leave me.”

“How did that make you feel?” asked Crites.

“Oh, terrible,” said Kourtnie. “But I had just been focusing on getting better and, so I just walked away and tried to shrug it off.”

“When you have some jerk of a stranger come up and tell your wife something so unkind, what do you have to say about something like that?” Crites asked Bradon.

“She deserves love unconditionally,” said Bradon.

“We want to help you have a day to kind of treat yourself to a full day,” said Crites as she handed Kourtnie a menu of services for a day of beauty. “This is from The Phoenician.”

“Thank you so much,” said Kourtnie.

“Have you ever had a full spa day?” said Crites.

Both women laughed. “No, I’m really overwhelmed,” said Kourtnie. “Thank you. I’m trying really hard not to cry on TV. This is going to be great. I’ve never had anything like this before.”

“How much does she deserve a special day that’s all about her?” Crites as Bradon.

“One-hundred and ten percent,” said Bradon.

Kourtnie and Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad went to The Phoenician where they were greeted by Denise Seomin, Director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

“It’s such a pleasure to have you here at the brand-new Phoenician Spa,” said Denise. “You’re going to have a wonderful relaxing day.”

Kourtnie was taken to the dressing room where she changed into a robe. After a massage and facial she was taken poolside for lunch on the rooftop. She relaxed after lunch in the spa’s luxurious Tranquility Suite before getting a manicure and a pedicure. At Drybar, she got a shampoo, conditioning treatment and new hairstyle. Kourtnie finished her day with expert make-up application.

Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad followed Kourtnie home to capture her family’s reaction.

“You look beautiful!” said Kathy.

“You look gorgeous,” said Bradon kissing his wife.

“You look so amazing and so relaxed,” said Kathy.

“I hope you had a wonderful day and we’re not done yet,” said Crites. “We have one more big surprise from Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad and your Valley Toyota Dealers.”

“What’s this?” said Kourtnie.

She opened the small box and gasped.

“Oh my gosh,” said Bradon.

“Oh!” said Kathy.

“Thank you,” said Kourtnie.

“Let’s see!” said Kourtnie’s daughter.

Kourtnie turned the box around to show her the paper that said one-thousand dollars!

“Thank you so much,” said Kourtnie.

“Oh, they so needed that,” said Kathy. “That’s so wonderful. Thank you so much!”

“You’ve done a lot,” said Bradon.

“Thank you, guys,” said Kourtnie surrounded by her family. “We really appreciate it.”

Thank you to The Phoenician for partnering on this surprise.

Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad is sponsored by your Valley Toyota Dealers.


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