SUN CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Linda was born with cerebral palsy, and although it has limited some of what she can do, she still has a very independent spirit.

She’s able to get around because of her mobility scooter, but unfortunately the one she currently has is breaking down. That’s why her sister Pam reached out to the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad.

“You’re going to have to perk her up,” Pam said when 3TV’s Tess Rafols and the Surprise Squad crew showed up at their Sun City home. “She’s had a couple of bad months.”

“I’ve had trouble with my arm, raising my arm. I can’t raise it,” Linda told Tess. She was recently diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. “I love to do stuff and I can’t do it.”

“She loves to be outside and on the go,” Pam added. “And then her ear just recently, she just can’t hear.”

“I’ve heard you’ve had some problems sometimes with your scooter,” Rafols said. “Do you get around on your scooter?”

“That’s all she relies on,” Pam said. “And this one is getting so hard for her. The handles, I don’t know if you can see, because of her hand they’re real short. This one is so old, it’s getting to be dilapidated. She used to be able to go from here to her chair by herself. But because now this is going and she’s left handed, we have to physically move her. We have to get her dressed. She needs help sometimes feeding. She’s probably had 30 surgeries in her entire life. Thirty from when she was born. But our mother was a registered nurse and made Linda very independent. As much independent as she could. I couldn’t do half of what she’s done. I just couldn’t. I mean, she’s just my inspiration.”

“Tell me what your sister means to you,” Rafols said to Linda. “She means the world to me. She takes very good care of me.”

“Linda, I know that times are tough right now and I know the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad and your Valley Toyota Dealers just want to help out in any way we can and we hope this will help a little bit.” Rafols handed Linda an envelope. “What does it say?”

“On behalf of the Valley Toyota Dealers,” Linda said as she read the letter inside, “The Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad would like to provide me with a new mobility scooter. Thank you very much.”

“Oh, that’s amazing,” Pam added. “It will help so much to get one that she can operate better.”

“Well, we sense your gratefulness, that is for sure,” Rafols smiled. “And we think you are just as deserving to be rewarded in some way, for us to say thank you for what you do to help your sister as well and hopefully this will help in some way.” She handed Pam a second envelope. Pam got visibly emotional as she read the note inside.

“On behalf of the Valley Toyota Dealers, the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad would like to present you $1,500 to help pay for bills or any other expenses you may be facing.” Pam started to tear up. “You guys are angels. Angels. We’ve never had anything like this happen, ever. I mean, never.”


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