PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Tina is a Valley grandmother who is so giving, she’s been sleeping on an air mattress for the last four years. This was all so her children had a place to sleep. But that’s all changing now that the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad found out about her.

“My mother doesn’t get a lot of breaks,” said Tina’s daughter, Sadei. “She does a lot of breaks for other people. She gave her bed to my sister that needs one. She’s pregnant, she needs somewhere to lay. You’ve invited your older children back home with their children. That is beautiful. And you gotta have a bed, girl.”

Sadei said it broke her heart to walk into her mom’s bedroom and see the inflatable mattress that she’s been sleeping on. But thanks to the Surprise Squad, Tina was going to get what she’s been wanting: Rest and comfort. “It may be small to someone else, but wow, it’s a big thing for her.”

One recent afternoon returned to her home after work. She had no idea that two of her daughters and two of her grandchildren as well as Arizona’s Family’s Ian Schwartz were waiting in her living room to surprise her.

“Surprise!” everyone shouted when Tina opened the front door. Tina stood there speechless, trying to take everything in.

“Hi mom,” Sadei laughed.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” Schwartz said as he shook Tina’s hand. “I’m Ian from Channel 3, Arizona’s Family, and we heard that you are a wonderful person and we are here to make your day. Want to sit and chat with us real quick?”

“I don’t know what to say,” Tina said as she sat down on her couch. “I’m in shock.”

Schwartz sat down on the couch next to her and asked her talk about her giving ways.

“My grandchildren, they need something, I’ll try to do my best,” Tina explained. “If I have it, it’s yours. Seeing them with what they need fulfills me.”

Schwartz then asked her to talk about her sleeping condition.

“You know,” Tina answered, “I sleep comfortably. I have this nice, big blow-up bed and it suits me fine.”

“So are you ready to see what all of this is about?” Schwartz asked.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Tina responded.

Schwartz led Tina and her family upstairs to Tina’s bedroom. “On behalf of Brooklyn Bedding and Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Tina walked into her room and saw the new bed. “Oh my god, it’s beautiful.  Oh my god, the colors!”

“It’s not an air mattress,” Sadei noted.

“It’s the real deal,” Schwartz added.

“I love you, mom,” Sadei said. “You deserve this, girl. You work so hard.”

“But we’re not done yet,” Schwartz said. “On behalf of your Valley Toyota Dealers and Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad, we wanted to also, in addition to the bed, give you $2,800.”

“Oh my god,” shouted Tina.

“Oh, mom,” said Sadei, “You need that, girl.”

“It’s your effort,” Schwartz continued, “What you do for your family. It’s you inspiring them. This is just money.  And it will last so long, but what you’ve done for your daughters, that is going to last a long time. Your grandchildren, that’s going to last generations.  That’s really what this is all about.”

“There’s not a lot of women like you,” Sadei added, “And you are such an inspiration.  I love you, Mom.”

“Oh, I love you, too,” Tina replied. “All of you. You’re wonderful.”

“Enjoy your bed,” Sadei smiled.

“I am, I am.”

The room laughed as Schwartz wrapped up the surprise by saying, “She’s like, ‘I’m going to go to bed right now. Get out of my house.’ ” 


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