SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Trae works as a greeter and cart collector at Albertson's in Scottsdale. A customer recently saw him do an act of kindness for another customer that touched her so much, she contacted Arizona's Family Surprise Squad, and when the Squad heard the story, they had to meet Trae in person.

Along with 3TV's Scott Pasmore, the crew drove to the store and parked in the parking lot. Since they wanted to surprise Trae, Pasmore grabbed a shopping cart loaded with groceries and asked Trae to help him bring them to his car. "I'm just parked over here," Pasmore said. "I work for one of the TV stations, but I'm off today, so I have my news vehicle. If you would help me put my stuff in the back here." They stopped at the rear of the Surprise Squad's Toyota Highlander. "I really appreciate it. My name is Scott, by the way. Just put them in here."

Pasmore popped open the trunk and pulled out a microphone. "Actually, I'm Scott Pasmore from Arizona's Family and the Surprise Squad. I am working today, and we heard about what a hard worker you are so I've got a very big surprise for you. What do you think of that?"

"I'm excited. Yeah, yeah, I'm excited," Trae smiled.

"Somebody told me you work very hard here," Pasmore said.

"Yes, I do," Trae confirmed. "I work very hard here. I love taking care of the customers, making sure they have a good day and excellent week and tell them to stay positive because positive thoughts bring positive results."

"Tell me everything you do here," Pasmore said.

"I'm the greeter, of course," Trae said. "I make sure everything is sanitized, make sure everything is clean. Make sure the customers get their ads; they get their deals. I let them know what's on sale. I promote everything that's in the ads. I do it all, so it's cool."

"I love that," Pasmore smiled. "Do you get carts too?"

Trae explained how he sets up the carts on display and makes sure they all have the ads in them for the shoppers. As the two talked, a woman came up and introduced herself as Phyllis, the person who nominated Trae for a surprise.

"Two weeks ago, I pulled up, and I thought, 'This looks like the cart guy out there cleaning a windshield that was loaded with bird droppings,'" Phyllis explained. "So I went into the store, and on my way out I said, 'Did I see you outside cleaning a windshield?' And he goes, 'Oh, well, it's an elderly customer, and I was just so worried he'd have trouble driving home.' So even though I don't know you Trae, that tells me everything I need to know."

Pasmore turned his attention back to Trae. "Because you're such an amazing person, such a hard worker, and people like Phyllis really appreciate what you do, we're from the Arizona's Family Surprise Squad sponsored by your Valley Toyota Dealers, and we have a surprise for you." Pasmore handed Trae an envelope and told him to open it.

"Oh wow," Trae said as he pulled out the certificate for $3,000 inside.

"You can do whatever you want with that," Pasmore said.

While the surprise was unfolding, a number of Trae's coworkers had come out of the story to watch it. They began applauding him as Trae wiped his eyes.

"That's just tears of joy, that's all," Trae said. "And I appreciate it, and it's good to be recognized."

The group went back to the store's entrance, where they cut a cake for Trae.

"Trae takes it to another level," the store manager told Pasmore. "Every single day."

"I've never had nothing like this before, for real," Trae said as he enjoyed his cake and gave a thumbs up to the cameras.

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