CHANDLER, AZ (Something Good) -- Teenagers sometimes get the bad rap for only caring about what's on TikTok, playing video games, and maybe getting into trouble. But one Valley teen showed his heart when he offered some money from his pocket. It wasn't a big expense, but it was a huge gesture.

Something Good: Teen pays for little girl's carousel ride at Chandler Fashion Center

Bianca Romero posted a picture on social media of her daughter smiling on a carousel ride at a local mall. It's a ride that would not have happened if it were not for that young man. Romero said her daughter asked to go on the little carousel at Chandler Fashion Center when they were there recently.

Romero didn't have any cash or change on her, only a debit/credit card. A teen boy who was walking by offered to pay for the little girl's ride. "I used to love getting on this carousel when I was little," he told Romero. He just wanted her to experience it because he had so many fond memories of doing the same thing growing up. As he walked away, Romero says he turned back to make sure her daughter was having fun. Romero offered to buy him something from Cinnabon to say thanks, but he kindly declined.

She shared this story to share something positive, something good.

"If this is your teenage boy, Thank you for raising a good-hearted selfless boy," she wrote on a Facebook group page called Living Chandler. "My daughter loved the little time she had on the carousel, and this was her first visit to Chandler Mall."

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