SCOTTSDALE, AZ (Pay It Forward) -- Mandy Corper is a big-time bird lover, and it shows. She runs Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue in Scottsdale, which takes in all sorts of feathered friends who have been given up or abandoned. She nurses them back to health, then finds them good homes. "I love to take care of them," Corper said. "I love to find them the greatest home they can be in, and there isn't anything better than that. Nothing."

[WATCH: Volunteer Pays It Forward to Scottsdale woman who rescues birds]

But running a nonprofit isn't easy, especially with the cost of food and supplies going up. Right now, Corper has more than 25 birds up for adoption. "We want to make sure our birds are happy, the owners are happy, and the birds are safe, well cared for, and they're on a good diet," she said.

Pandora Forristal started volunteering at Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue last year and has seen how hard Corper works, sometimes struggling to get by. Forristal and another volunteer reached out to CBS 5 to Pay It Forward to the big-hearted bird lady. "Mandy would sacrifice everything she could for these birds, and she does," said Forristal.

A CBS 5 News crew was there when Forristal surprised Corper and gave her $500. "Because of all the work you do with the birds and how much you care about the sanctuary and everything, we all just really love you a lot ...," Forristal told Corper. "So on behalf of Channel 5 and all the volunteers, we got you the Pay it Forward award and $500 for the rescue."

"This is my passion," Corper said. "My passion is birds"

"Her entire life is these birds, and they love her with every bit of it," Forristal said.

For more information on adopting a bird or donating to the Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue visit

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