GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- We paid it forward to Gilbert residents Patricia and Gary Haney, who help people experiencing homelessness here in the Valley.

"Well, I worked with Patricia, and I just know her as a very caring person," explained Jackie Clark, who nominated the couple. "[She] cares a lot for the homeless and for other people that need help. I have been helping her each month with small donations."

Each month, Patricia and Gary Haney collect food, clothes, and money to help out a homeless ministry called Cloud Covered Streets.

When Jackie told them she was stopping by to drop off some lemons and say hello, we had an even bigger surprise.

"Hey! I didn't get to ring your bell. Patricia, how are you? We hear you and Gary are a pretty special couple," Paul Horton said.

"I brought some friends with me because you and Gary are so amazing, and you do so much for other people," Jackie said as she presented Patricia with a $500 gift card.

"Wow! This is going to help us with tarps and sleeping bags. Oh, my gosh you guys!" a delighted Patricia said.

With rising home prices in the Phoenix metro area and the pandemic, there are more people on the street. For the last three years, Patricia and Gary have been doing all they can to help.

"People for all different reasons become homeless," Patricia said. "You would be surprised [to find out] there are sometimes people working right next to you that could be homeless, and they sleep in their car or a shelter."

The Haneys are an amazing couple, and they plan to use their $500 Pay It Forward Award to help even more people who need it.

"It makes our day, and it feels great to give back to someone," Patricia said. "You may never see their face. We may never know their name. But we were able to give something."

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