PHOENIX (CBS 5) - Mary Ann and Mathew Fazio have pictures of all their loved ones, but the Phoenix couple's circle of kindness stretches well beyond their immediate family.

[WATCH: Woman Pays It Forward to Phoenix couple who helps people get off the streets]

"We just love people," said Mary Ann. "We don't feel that God wants us to turn anybody away. If I have it, I share it."

For the past 50-plus years, the sweet, selfless retirees have been taking care of total strangers who need a helping hand. Guided by their faith as devoted Catholics, the Fazios invite people off the street to stay in their home. They have their own health problems, but that's not stopping them from providing food and clothing to folks down on their luck.

"My door is open to anyone who seeks to be wanted," said Mathew. "When you are wanted - we want you ."

A few years ago, Luann Messersmith had nowhere to go and was battling an assortment of health problems. The Fazios took her in and treated her like family.

"I'm somebody now," said Messersmith. "I wasn't anybody. I didn't feel like I was anybody until I met them. They made me have self-value."

"Makes me feel great," said Mary Ann. "Makes me feel that I had a hand in helping somebody to better their lives and not see her go on the streets and go homeless or hungry."

Messersmith is so grateful to the Fazios for helping turn her life around that she reached out to CBS 5 to Pay It Forward to two people, she says, are as close to sainthood as you can get. A CBS 5 News crew followed her over to the Fazios house one day to surprise them, and give them $500.

"You help so many people," Messersmith said. "And you're more of a family than I've ever had and you brought me clothes and give me food every week and made sure I had a home. I love you so much."

"We as good Catholics feel that giving is the best thing in life and comes back to you many folds," said Mathew.

"Blessings have to be shared with everybody else and we are doing that," said Mary Ann.

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