Chandler HS student Pays It Forward to counselor who turned her life around

High school student Cheyanne Gaffka Pays It Forward to her mental health counselor, Janice Hobbs. (Source: CBS 5)

Being a teenager these days isn't easy and nobody knows that more than Chandler High School mental health counselor Janice Hobbs.

"Sometimes going home is really hard for them," Hobbs said. "Sometimes they have job issues. Relationship issues are always real big."

Cheyanne Gaffka, 16, knows firsthand what a difference words of encouragement can mean.

The teen has been the target of bullying, and has dealt with depression and severe anxiety, so she went to Hobbs for help.

"I've gotten so down to the point where I haven't trusted anybody," Gaffka said. "I know I can trust Ms. Hobbs with anything."

Hobbs has helped Gaffka see that life is worth living and she's done the same for hundreds of other troubled teens.

Gaffka reached out to CBS 5 to Pay It Forward to Hobbs.

The teen and her mom surprised Hobbs in her office, with a TV news camera right behind them.

"I reached out to Channel 5 about a week ago because you have meant so much to me," Gaffka said. "School has always been a hard place for me to be at and you made it so much better. I just want to say thank you for all you've done, and we want to give you $500."

"Oh my God," Hobbs said. I am here because I love you guys and I love to be here."

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