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AZPetVet Offers Arizona's Family Summer Pet Safety Tips

AZPetVet is a family of 21 animal hospitals with one vision: to provide the best comprehensive care for our highly valued patients. Whether it be routine wellness, medical, surgical, spay & neuter services or dental care, our veterinarians are here to provide loving care and treatment for your pets.

Throughout the months of June, July, August and September AZPetVet has teamed with Your Life Arizona to provide weekly Pet Safety Tips geared to help keep your animals safe and doing what they enjoy doing the most – having fun right by your side! These helpful pet tips will be delivered every Wednesday by one of AZPetVet's highly skilled and qualified veterinarians, and include a broad range of topics such as desert dangers, how to keep your pets safe during monsoon season, surprise popular BBQ foods that are dangerous for your furry friends to consume, and more.

No matter what your pets' needs are, AZPetVet is there for you and your pet every step of the way. AZPetVet - your trusted partner in pet health care.AZPetVet - 21 Locations and Growing! CLICK FOR LOCATIONS

Summer Safety Tip #1: Heat Dehydration

Summer Safety Tip #2: Fireworks

Summer Safety Tip #3: Pool Safety

Summer Safety Tip #4: Car / Roadtrip Safety

Summer Safety Tip #5: Valley Fever

Summer Safety Tip #6: Heartworms

Summer Safety Tip #7: Desert Dangers (Stings, Bites & Cactus)

Summer Safety Tip #8: Monsoons

Summer Safety Tip #9: Asphalt Heat

Summer Safety Tip #10: Sunburn

Summer Safety Tip #11: BBQ Foods

Summer Safety Tip #12: Pet Park Safety Tips

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