Michael Morefield

Arizona Animal Welfare League
Michael Morefield

Michael Morefield is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL).

Ever since the kitten born in his closet when he was 4 years old, Michael has loved every animal he has ever met, wild and domestic.

Michael attended the University of Arizona (Bear Down) and moved from odd job to odd job, looking for something that gave him purpose.

After a stint as a flight attendant and years in hospitality management, Michael realized volunteering with local charities such as Gabriel’s Angels and Sojourner Center gave him the most joy in life. His love of animals guided him to AAWL in 2013, and he has been grateful for the opportunities working his way up through the company to director.

He loves being a cheerleader and champion for all the pets at AAWL, either in the media or wacky projects and promotions. When not fostering puppies or mentoring animal advocates, Michael loves to spend his free time gardening, traveling, working on cars, and spending time with the two dogs that run his life; Ryker and “Bratty” Addie.

Both rescues, Addie was returned four times to AAWL for her shyness before Michael “Foster Failed” and adopted his sweet girl.