Amy Cutler

Investigative Reporter
Arizona's Family
Amy Cutler

Amy Cutler joined Arizona’s Family in January 2022. She came to Phoenix after spending six years reporting at the CBS station in Raleigh, North Carolina.

While in North Carolina, she covered several hurricanes, including Matthew, Florence, and Dorian. She also went back to cover the rebuilding efforts and the challenges communities faced. Being in a political swing state also meant she quickly became familiar with the Capitol and covering presidential rallies.

Before moving to North Carolina, Amy worked in Albany, New York, where she was the political reporter for the ABC station. She covered several political scandals, including the arrests of two of the three highest-ranking state officials.

During her time in Albany, Cutler also reported on several national stories, including Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the upstate New York prison escape.

She tries her best to do each story justice and always focuses on the people impacted by what’s happening.

Amy started her career working at a cable station in New York City -- News 12 Brooklyn and the Bronx. She first worked as a producer and later as a one-man band.

The native New Yorker takes her responsibilities as a journalist seriously. She believes in holding the powerful to account and getting answers for viewers.

When she’s not at work, Amy enjoys running, reading, traveling, eating out, and a good movie.

She’s always looking for a good story idea. Got one? Don’t hesitate to reach out.