The NFL is back, and Arizona’s Family doesn’t want you to miss a game. The full preseason schedule kicks off on Thursday, August 8. Unfortunately, DISH Network has not reached an agreement to carry KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5 on DISH systems and by law, DISH cannot carry our programming, including NFL games, unless it comes to an agreement with the station.

However, you do have options. KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5’s vital local news, emergency information and top-rated entertainment and sports programming, such as NFL games, are available on every other satellite and cable provider in your area including:

  • Cox – Click here to order or call 1-800-818-0679
  • AT&T/DirecTV – Click here to order or call 1-855-567-1569

Additionally, KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5 are available free over the air with an antenna.

Arizona’s Family (owned by Meredith Corporation) has been trying for months to get DISH to negotiate in good faith. DISH dropping KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5 is unusual. We have successfully reached fair agreements with every other major cable and satellite company. Meredith has never had a cable or satellite provider drop all of Meredith’s stations.

However, according to Kagan, a media research group, DISH has ongoing programming disruptions with five media entities:

  • FOX Sports Regional Networks, off since July 26, 2019
  • Meredith Local Media Group, which owns KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5, off since July 16, 2019
  • Fort Myers Broadcasting, off since January 2019
  • HBO, off since November 2018
  • Louisiana Television Broadcasting, off since September 2018

We encourage DISH subscribers to reach out to DISH at:1-800-333-3474 and tell DISH you want KTVK 3TV and KPHO CBS 5 back on your lineup

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