Although recreational marijuana use is not legal here in Arizona, there are lots of legal dispensaries in the state.

"We have 150 varieties of medicinal cannabis that we grow. Some of it wakes you up. Some of it makes you sleepy. Some of it makes you euphoric. Some makes you relaxed and chill out," says Bill Brothers of Encanto Green Cross Dispensary.

Brothers is one of the head guys at Encanto Green Cross Dispensary, located not far from Thomas Road and the Interstate 17 freeway. Thousands of patients get their marijuana medicines there.

"We have everyone from a 21-year-old to a 90-year-old," says Brothers.

Some of the medicines sold there are professionally rolled marijuana cigarettes and marijuana oils. They make their own vapor pens there. Patients are prescribed marijuana cards to get these products. Studies say marijuana can alleviate all types of ails from nausea to headaches to stage 4 cancer.

"Medical marijuana does exactly what needs to be done. It makes 'em laugh, it makes 'em smile, it makes 'em hungry," says Brothers.

I took a tour from the storefront throughout the 30,000-square-foot dispensary. The first stop was the different stages of harvest rooms, which are enormous!!

They refer to the marijuana plants as "flowers." There is a nursery room for the baby "flowers."

They make their plants on site, with special nutrient enriched soil. In some of the nurseries with more mature "flowers," they play classical music!

Then there is a room where workers trim the plants to perfection before they are sold to the customer.

A special room houses a 6,000-gallon tub of purified water that is refilled hundreds of times, using a total of 65,000 gallons a day. This water is used to feed and grow the plants.

"We've created over 150 jobs in the last five years," says Brothers.

Brothers believes there is still a lot of work to be done by the state to help more patients who need it.

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"Knowledge is everything so the more people understand that marijuana is good for our society and is meeting a need it's good for everybody," said Brothers.

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Medical marijuana cards cost around $150 a year, they allow customers to get product from the dispensaries every two weeks.

The processing of the marijuana from harvest to the customers' hands is about 150 days.

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