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Spencer, a woma python visits GMAZ

An exotic python from down under

Wildlife World Zoo introduces us to a fascinating python from Australia. It is called the Woma Python. In the wild these pythons are often covered in scars, earned in hunting small rodents who fight back tooth and nail. Despite reaching a length of 4 to 8 feet, when the Woma travels, only a few inches of its body touches the ground at one time, protecting it from the warm sands of its native land.

Woma python Facts: Woma pythons can reach 4 to 8 feet in length. They have an orange head with dark scales around their eyes. Their dorsal side of the body can be light brown, reddish-brown, olive or dark, nearly black. It is covered with dark bands. The lateral sides of the body are pale. Pink or brown-colored blotches cover yellowish or creamy-colored belly. Woma pythons have narrow heads with small eyes. Body is broad, flat and covered with smooth scales. Unlike other species of pythons, woma python do not have heat-sensing pits (type of sensory organs located close to the mouth, used for detection of warm-blooded animals. Nocturnal. Uses abandoned burrows, under the logs or in thick vegetation during the day. It uses its head to dig burrows in the sand. When it moves over the warm sand, woma pythons avoid contact with the ground as much as possible to avoid burns (only few inches of body are touching the ground when it moves). Diet is based on reptiles (including venomous snakes), mammals and birds. Woma pythons are constrictors (snakes that kill their prey by squeezing). When hunting mammals in the narrow burrows, they will press the animal against the wall to crush it. Most animals (especially rodents) will fight back, using their claws and sharp teeth. As a result, surface of the woma python's body is often covered with scars. Main predators of woma pythons are foxes, feral cats and mulga snakes. Mating season of woma pythons takes place from May to August. Female lays 5 to 19 eggs usually from September to October. She curls around eggs to provide heat required for incubation. Eggs hatch after 2 to 3 months. When eggs become cold, female starts to shiver. That way muscles produce and release additional heat. Female leaves the nest when eggs hatch. Baby snakes are left on their own from the moment of birth. Males reach sexual maturity at the age of 1.5 years, females between the second and third year. Woma python can survive from 20 to 30 years in the captivity. Woma python, also known as sand python and Ramsay's python, belongs to the group of non-venomous snakes. It can be found in the central, north-eastern and western parts of Australia. Woma python inhabits grasslands, scrublands, woodlands and areas near the coast. Woma python is listed as endangered (or critically endangered in some areas) due to accelerated habitat destruction, loss of prey and increased predation. The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:

Local Love: A Market Off Mill

A Market Off Mill (AMOM) is a new shared retail space located in Tempe, two blocks west of Mill Avenue. AMOM was created with the intentions of helping small businesses grow and give their customers a place to shop their product in person. All of the current vendors are online only companies OR found at markets and events around the Valley. AMOM allows all 10 businesses to continue pursuing their own ventures while growing their company in a permanent storefront setting.

A Market Off Mill is a creative environment packed with unique items all local to Arizona. They share space, creative pointers & customers! AMOM is the place you come shopping for a friend or family member and leave with something for yourself and everyone else you didn't think needed anything. AMOM is a curated gift shop/boutique that caters to every age group, interest, male & female!

Featured Vendor:Adam Rabbit is a collection of handmade jewelry inspired by love, magic, and adventure. Each piece focuses on the natural and simple beauty found in raw gems and minerals. Ashley began making jewelry as a creative outlet while teaching 6th grade special education. Adam Rabbit has since grown to be one of the top 2500 sellers on etsy. Adam Rabbit participates in various local events like Phoenix Flea and First Friday, and is also featured in almost 50 boutiques across the U.S.

For more information on Adam Rabbit, visit:

For more information, visit:

A Market Off Mill615 S. Farmers Ave. Unit 1002Tempe, Arizona, AZ 85281Phone: 480-232-5640Email:

Summer Cocktail Camp is back and boozier than ever

The now-expanded ten-week, back-to-back craft cocktail-mixing classes will tour 10 of the best bars in town. Now through Sunday, Sept. 10, guests get to sit back and relax while some of the best talent in the Valley's cocktail scene teaches them how to make (and then imbibe) three to four cocktails every class.

The 4th annual Summer Cocktail Camp covers 10 bars in 10 weeks with some of the best bartending talent in town: 7/9: The Gladly 7/16: Mora Italian 7/23: Tacos Tequila Whiskey 7/30: Mountain Shadows 8/6: Clever Koi Gilbert 8/13: Honor Amongst Thieves 8/20: The Phoenician 8/27: Chico Malo 9/3: FnBar 9/10: The OstrichGuests get to try and make each of the cocktails demonstrated during the class.Guests will go home with postcards, badges, and recipes from Camp.

Summer Cocktail Camp, From 1PM to 3PM every Sunday from now through September 10, $38 per person, info and tickets available at

Summer Cocktail Camp is hosted by Phoenix Magazine and AWE Collective and emceed by Phoenix Magazine Editor Craig Outhier

Social: Participating venues, camp attendees and fans are encouraged to share and spread the word with the event's official hashtag #SummerCocktailCamp.

Helping Valley teachers fill their classrooms with low-cost treasures

Everyone knows teachers buy their own school supplies, and according to the Education Market Association, the average teacher will spend $500 out of his or her own pocket to stock their classrooms. Well, at least one Valley woman is trying to help reduce that cost with a warehouse full of donated books, art supplies and pretty much anything a teacher could need. And now, Treasures 4 Teachers is growing with 115 volunteers, 13 staff members, a mobile program and a location in Tucson.

For more information, visit: or Facebook:

3025 South 48th St., Suite 101, Tempe. Shopping hours are Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m.Saturday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Check-in ends 15 minutes prior to close. Phone: 480-751-1122

Burger Daze at Liberty Market can earn you cool cash

All you have to do is eat 10 Burger Daze burgers, and you earn a $50 gift card. It's Burger Daze at Liberty Market of Gilbert, that means during the month of August, they'll feature a different delish burger each day. There's plenty of patties to choose from, and if you eat them up, you can earn big. There's $250 up for grabs, just for chowing down 31 burgers. Do you have what it takes?

If you eat 10 different burgers in the series, you will receive a $25 gift card. If you eat all 31, you receive a $100 gift card. You must bring in receipts by Sept. 7 to pick up gift cards.

Burger Daze at Liberty Market runs from August 1st thru August 31st

All 31 burgers are listed on their website

For more information, visit:

Liberty Market230 N Gilbert Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85234480-892-1900

Back-to-School: "Unplug: Raising Kids in a Technology Addicted World"

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lisa K. Strohman wrote the book on the topic, "Unplug: Raising Kids in a Technology Addicted World," and is the Founder and CEO of the technology wellness center. As kids head back to class and start tackling homework again, will they need to increase their screen time? How do parents ensure they're using technology in an approved way?

Impact of early technology use and exposure show that students entering school are now more likely to struggle with several issues that undermine learning, including: Impulse control and self-regulation Distracted attention, difficulties concentrating Motor and optical sensory development Decreased development in communication, social skills, empathy Creativity and imagination declines Increasing rates of anxiety, depression, attachment disorder, attention deficit disorder, psychosis, and problematic behaviorsFor more information, visit:

Sweet & savory back-to-school treats and Edible Chalk

So, the kids are heading back-to-school, and they'll be coming home hungry after all that learning. Sassy's Cafe & Bakery of Mesa joins us with sweet and savory dishes the kids will eat up.

-sweet and savory treats-home-made 4 ingredients cheezits---healthier & tastier

Plus, this food you'll want to play with! We're back in the kitchen with Sassy's of Mesa making some sweet treats for our back-to-school students. We're learning the art of making edible chalk. And, for the kids, you can bet it'll be fun to play with, and then eat.

-making home-made edible chalk-if your kids are little artists, or they love creating artwork before eating it, this could be just the after-school project for them. -you can break the chalk into smaller pieces too, it's more delicate than normal chalk and will break easily

For more information, visit:

Sassy's Cafe & Bakery 4210 E Main Street Mesa, AZ 85205Phone :(480) 649-3067Hours:M-Sat 7am-5pmSun CLOSED

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