They're the pests that can make your life miserable.

Mosquitoes have become a major problem across the Valley, with so many people leaving standing water in and around their homes and apartments.

For many, the thought of spraying dangerous chemicals is not an option.

Burns Pest Elimination has found another way.

The company has come up with a unique, environmentally friendly way to fight mosquitoes. Crews are using garlic oil.

"It comes out as a super fine mist, and then attaches to trees and other devices we put on the house," said Sage Garvey, with Burns Pest Elimination. "It creates a small barrier that the insect does not like to be around."

The pesticide-free garlic mixture is sprayed in front and backyards, is highly effective keeping mosquitoes away and is completely safe for pets and people, Garvey said.

The treatment won't kill the mosquitoes - it's simply designed to force the pesky insects to buzz off.

Phoenix homeowner Rich Schnakenberg said that he's tried everything else, so it's worth giving the garlic treatment a shot.

"If garlic can do it, that would be great," said Schnakenberg.

The garlic-based mosquito treatment runs around $65 per spraying and is supposed to last three weeks.

Garvey said the garlic smell only lasts about 30 minutes so that homes won't smell like Olive Garden restaurants for very long.

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