They can slice, dice and sauté like the pros.

"Definitely stressful," said Zane Gaffney.

The students at Barry Goldwater High School are competing in the national Cooking up Change contest.

"We know that healthy food creates better learners," said Kristi Cox of the healthy schools campaign.

The idea is to have the students create a meal that is not only delicious, but healthy too.

"Our whole goal is to give students a voice in the whole food school movement," said Cox.

The recipes had to meet nutritional guidelines.

"Very strict limits on calories, sodium, saturated fats. All that wonderful stuff," said Gaffney.

The students were given a limited list of ingredients to work with and a tight budget, making each meal for about $1. However, the six-chef teams of two were able to come up with some tasty meals.

"Some lovely sauté chicken, fresh sorted carrots, a few pinto beans lightly mashed, and a 9-inch whole wheat tortilla," said Gaffney.

"Open faced sandwich with roasted zucchini and just raisins," said Amy Bueno.

The other teams made “Mom's Spaghetti,” “Curry with zesty corn,” “Chili with roasted broccoli” and “Chicken potato tacos.”

Coming in third place was “Mom’s Spaghetti” made by Amanda McCreight and Serina Thurman.

Second place was “Wrap it up Chicken Wrap” made by Zane Gaffney and Christian Zinger.

And the winner was ”MJ’s Curry Chicken” made by Michael Griffin and Jason Forrari.

“Excited. I think my heart skipped a beat for a second,” said Jason Forrari.

"A lot of hard work paid off and just a good thing to do, and put on your resume for the future,” said Michael Griffin.

“It is also nice knowing we are gonna be helping serve healthy food to our school," said Forrari.

The two will now move on to nationals in Washington D.C. in June where they will compete against seven other high schools.

“We can’t wait. It’s going to be such a great experience,” said Griffin.

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