If you have tried everything to lose weight but have not been as successful as you’d like, don’t give up because Madison Ryals’ story will give you hope and answers to help you read your goals.

Madison, who used to wear size 18 jeans, lost 130 pounds. The 15-year-old had struggled with her weight since she was a toddler.

She saw nutritionists, physicians and pediatric endocrinologists, but nobody was able to help her. Nothing worked.

And then Madison found Dr. Sophia Fountis, an internist at Chiro-Med Centers in Scottsdale. According to Fountis, most people trying desperately to lose weight are going about it the wrong way. She says there are three common mistakes.

“The first thing they do is look at calories,” Fountis explained. “Then the serving size. But the next thing they do is they look at the number of sugar grams.”

What they should be looking at, however, is fat.

“Fat is the key,” Fountis said.

Back to Madison and her size 18 jeans. She never thought she’d be showing off them off as pants that used to fit her.

"I always dreamed … of what would I look like smaller but I never thought of it as a reality,” the teen said.

Madison’s weight problems started after an accident when she was 4 years old.

"I had rolled off of a couch and cracked my head open,” she explained. “I have a twin sister and she didn’t have any weight problems. I have two brothers and they didn’t have any weight problems. So we thought that [incident] had something to do with it because after that my weight started gaining.”

The correlation was never proved. Year after year, Madison’s weight problems continued.

“You name it, everybody saw her,” Fountis said.

By tapping into the science of weight loss – specific to the individual person – Fountis has been helping people, including children as young as 10, take off the extra weight they are carrying.

Madison’s food habits were like most people who think they are eating healthfully. They key word there is “think.”

“It wasn’t strict; it was just the healthy type of foods,” Madison said.

Fountis helped her drop about a pound a week.I’m happy now; I'm always smiling.The weight loss plans Fountis puts together for her clients are very personalized and detailed -- food logs, exercise logs, meal plans.

"The key to success is understanding our bodies, [being] able to understand what’s required and to study it,” she explained.

That’s why those logs are so important. You have to know what works for you and what does not. Details are essential.

“Maybe after 10 french fries, I am still able to maintain my weight Monday morning, but at 15, I can’t,” Madison said.

Now down 130 pounds, Madison has noticed something more awesome than the weight loss.

"I noticed now, like afterwards, that I wasn’t really happy,” she said. “I’m happy now; I'm always smiling."

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