Keeping your kids safe and buckled up in the car is pretty important.

But what happens when your tumultuous toddler refuses to listen and stay in his or her seat?

A Scottsdale mom decided she needed some police intervention.

Michelle Fortin was driving home with her kids Monday when her 3-year-old daughter Camille did the unthinkable.

"All I heard was her screaming and crying, and all of a sudden her brother, who was sitting next to her, yells, 'Mommy! Mommy - she unbuckled her seat belt.'"

The Scottsdale mom immediately drove to a safe spot and pulled over.

[Raw video: Scottsdale mom calls cops on 3-year-old daughter]

Fortin buckled her daughter back up, and told her what a dangerous thing she did, but mom didn't think Camille got the message.

"This was something that would hurt her. Her safety was at risk, so I took it for what it was - a teachable moment," said Fortin. "I got home and called the police and turned her in."

Scottsdale police were more than willing to come out, and have a word or two, with the shifty little lawbreaker.

"We don't know what other drivers will do," Scottsdale police officer Corey Snead told Camille. "Other drivers might not pay attention and run into the back of your mom, or side of the car. If you were not buckled, our body is going to hit something."

Two officers gave Camille and her brother a crash course in seat belt safety, and it seems to have worked.

"I promise I'll keep my seat belt on," Camille Fortin told the officers.

"Yes, it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police, but I know she's going to remember it," said Camille's mom.

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