A stretch of road that many Arizona drivers use every day has been named one of the deadliest in the country.

The Interstate 10 spans from California to Florida. Finance website ValuePenguin just named it the fourth-deadliest highway in the nation.

"It's packed all the time, getting worse and worse every day," one man told us. "They drive like maniacs. They don't take their time. They're always in a rush."

After analyzing crash data from 2011 to 2015, ValuePenguin said Arizona is the second-deadliest state along the I-10 with 132 total fatal wrecks, and Phoenix is the third-deadliest city with 42.

"You've got so many people driving it, you've got them driving aggressively, and you also have a lack of barriers," said personal injury attorney David Catanese with the Zachar Law Firm.

He said he believes one danger along the I-10 is a lack of median barriers on a stretch of the highway from Phoenix to Tucson. He said some of his clients, who are family members of people who died in head-on accidents there, have been awarded settlements in court.

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The Arizona Department of Transportation sent us the following statement: The key issue behind fatal crashes on any roadway is driver behavior, starting with speeding, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, lack of seat belt use and inattention. ADOT works with partner agencies to promote safe driving on all roadways, but other agencies directly address the challenge of driver behavior and investigate the causes of crashes. Your request is best put to them.

"Because we know it's something we cant stop, in our opinion, is an even greater reason to get those barriers up," Catanese said.

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