Number of car breakdowns expected to rise with Arizona heat

(Source: AAA Arizona)

With Phoenix highs approaching 120 degrees next week, drivers are facing some big problems.

AAA Arizona estimates between late June and mid-September, they'll respond to 169,000 calls statewide for roadside assistance.

"Breaking down in the Arizona summer can actually be very dangerous, if not deadly, especially if you have children or seniors that are in your vehicle," said Michelle Donati, a spokesperson for AAA Arizona.

Donati said they're adding crews to handle the increased traffic troubles.

"The top three calls that AAA receives during the summer months have to do with tires blowing out, batteries, as well as people locking their keys in their car," said Donati.

According to AAA Arizona, when temperatures in the Valley are over 110 degrees for three or more days, car overheating also becomes a major concern.

"Last summer, we saw a trend of vehicles overheating to the point where they were actually catching on fire. That's a situation we don't want to see anyone in this summer," said Donati.

Consistent car maintenance can help prevent this kind of disaster.

AAA Arizona has these tips: Check your tire pressure. Make sure your tires aren't underinflated. Make sure your car battery is securely mounted and clean of corrosive build up. Have a trusted car specialist inspect and maintain your car's cooling system, including hoses and belts. Keep your car hydrated with proper levels of transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and motor oil. Keep the cold air coming by making sure your air conditioning system is checked by a certified tech.In addition to all this, carry a cooler with water for you and everyone in your car, as well as an emergency kit with basic repair tools, first aid supplies and jumper cables.

If your car does break down, DPS suggests calling 911. Law enforcement can sometimes respond faster, assist with your breakdown, and make sure you're safe while stranded on the side of the road.

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