Angry Crab Shack

Have you ever tried Cajun seafood boil? If not, you're missing out. A new Angry Crab Shack just recently open in Mesa (8253 E Guadalupe Rd., East Mesa 85212). The new location features 20 craft beers on tap, a 110" video wall and a room that seats upto 25 guests for parties, teacher events and sports teams.

For more information:

Angry Crab Shack8253 E Guadalupe Rd.Mesa, AZ 85212(480) 373-5855


GRUBSTAK is officially opening in downtown Gilbert on Monday, December 5th. It's a one-of-a-kind upscale, fast casual restaurant where guests can enjoy naturally-good, stak-able meals. Their entrees start with a base of crispy waffle fries (sweet potato or regular or a 50/50 mix), roasted root vegetables or crunchy greens.

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Address: 384 N Gilbert Rd #106, Gilbert, AZ 85234Phone: (480) 699-9188

Motivational Monday: Manifest

Lauren Jenai, co-founder of the renowned fitness regimen CrossFit, has launched a new health and fitness regimen in Scottsdale called Manifest, which is the first of many locations to come across the U.S. Manifest is dedicated to helping those who've slipped through the cracks of the health, wellness, medical, and fitness industries.

6920 E 1st Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (970) 729-8343

Avoid overeating this holiday season

We learn simple tips and tricks for avoiding overeating this holiday season. From reportioning food, to avoiding "low fat" claims, Dr. Sharon Thompson shares how to best behave during this feast-full season.

Style matters People consider appearance more than taste when deciding how much a food is worth The more beautiful that a food looks, the more delicious you think it is The more beautiful a food looks, the more you are willing to pay for it Mood matters People tend to overeat unhealthy foods when they are sad without realizing it People who are happy often over-eat healthy foods If you are feeling sad, don't use food to try to improve your mood. Instead, try going for a walk, watching a movie, or talking to a friendSize matters 54% of American adults aim to finish everything on their plates. This behavior can lead to weight gain. You will eat more if there is more food left on your plate after you are full; so give yourself permission to get seconds if you are still hungry but don't pile your plate Larger portions make us eat more of almost every food People eat more food from large plates/bowls than they do from small ones, but feel equally full. Therefore, use smaller plates! Re-portion foods from large packages into smaller portions for your pantry Out of sight means you eat less People eat more food when it is in front of them Don't eat directly from large bags/containers Put a single serving of food on a plate and leave the rest in the kitchenWatch out for a 'health' or 'low fat' label Low-fat" foods can have higher calories because they have more sugars. Read your labels carefully Many people over-eat "low-fat" foods without realizing it Even if they eat the same number of calories, people feel less guilty about over-eating "healthy" foods (like granola) than "unhealthy" foods (like chocolate)Eat slowly Give your stomach and brain time to catch up with what you have eaten and tell you if you're full Pay attention to how full you feel Try not to eat and talk. Put down your food if you are talking. It is easy to eat mindlessly when engaged in stimulating conversation. Change your environment to change your behavior Keep large containers off the counter Buy smaller plates Ask the kitchen to half portion size or pack half to go before it comes to the table Say no to the all you can eat buffetFor more information:

Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology 926 East McDowell Road, #134, Phoenix, AZ 85006(602) 288-0777

Queen of Clean: Cleaning Mold and Mildew

Most of us have it at some point in our lives, especially in the bathroom. It loves to grow in warm damp places and that's why we frequently find it on our caulking, grout and shower doors. Here's so quick fixes and a new product I found that I love!

Tea Tree FormulaPut 2 cups of warm water in a sprayer and add 2 teaspoons of Tea Tree Oil. Shake well. Spray on the molded area and allow to sit for 30 minutes. Re-wet with solution, scrub, rinse and dry. Then lightly mist the area and allow to air dry.

Chlorine Bleach People have used this for years. If you are going to, here is a formula and cautions. First, chlorine bleach is a hazardous chemical. The fumes will bleach out towels, shower curtains and rugs. It is dangerous for your lungs. If you spill it or walk in it, you will remove color from anything it touches. Combine 1/2 cup liquid chlorine bleach and 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. Mist the areas that have mold and mildew this could be black, brown or even pink. Let sit 20 minutes and then go in a re-spray and scrub. Rinse thoroughly. I urge you to use adequate ventilation and DO NO COMBINE other cleaning agents like ammonia or vinegar.

VodkaSo maybe if you are cleaning with vodka, you don't really care whether it works. Spray undiluted cheap vodka on mold areas and leave for about 15 minutes. Re-spray and scrub with a brush.

The WOW ProductYou know I love to bring you amazing products when I find them and this is one of those. It is called ENDURANCE BIOBARRIER and is an easy two- step process to remove mold at its root base and then keep it from coming back. It is a non-toxic Anti Mold Protection. No harsh fumes, no bleaches, safe for people, pets and the environment and you can use it inside and out. Most mold products are highly toxic, so this is good for us all.Use the Cleaner Prep to remove the mold, spray, let stand 5 minutes, rinse and wipe. Follow that with the BioBarrier by spraying and wiping lightly and let dry. It prevents mold growth up to 6 months on flooring, bathrooms, etc. It is low-odor and leaves no visible residue on wood, plastic, glass, drywall, carpet, grout and more. The beauty of this product is that it gets to the root source of the mold rather than just removing it temporarily like homemade solutions.Find Endurance BioBarrier at Believe me, you will thank me!

Baking Soda and BleachThin baking soda with liquid chlorine bleach so it is a glue-like consistency. Apply to area with mold. Wait an hour or so, moisten with more bleach and scrub. Remember, this is toxic bleach and it will remove color from anything, even with just the fumes. Use good ventilation.The Bleach PenFor very small amounts of mold and mildew try using a laundry bleach pen. Dab the bleach on the area, leave it for an hour or so and then scrub and rinse.

For more information, visit Linda's website and Facebook page.www.Queenofclean.com

New technology pours wine without uncorking the bottle

The Capital Grille shows us the new Coravin technology that protects wine from oxidation using a non-coring needle. That means you can pour, or order, one glass of wine at a time, without ruining the entire bottle.

We also get schooled on wine pairings, learning which foods taste better with certain wines.

Coravin Technology: The Capital Grille has elevated their wine program so that it now reflects a luxury wine experience on your terms. This is made possible via the Concierge Mobile App (which has an up-to-the-minute wine list and Sommelier recommended pairings), an interactive wine list on an iPad in the restaurant and custom experiences for our Wine Locker Members. The Capital Grille now offers small production and highly rated wines by the glass via the Coravin Wine System Through exclusive technology, Coravin protects wine from oxidation using a non-coring needle that does not damage the cork, allowing the cork to naturally reseal and protect the wine As the wine is poured, the air is replaced with argon gas and the wine remains completely undisturbed as though the bottle has never been opened Guests can now order luxury wines normally not available by the glass, an ultra-premium experience we are thrilled to offer guests A dozen iconic wines will be available, ranging from $27-$120.Food/Wine Pairing Demonstration: The Coravin demonstration will involve the Rioja, Tempranillo 2001 In keeping with the "unusual pairings" theme, below are the two that they will walk through. Faustino, Gran Riserva, Rioja, Tempranillo 2001 and Citrus Glazed Salmon with Marcona Almonds and Brown Butter Bollinger Champagne with Seared Tenderloin and Lobster Tails For more information:

The Capital Grille Scottsdale16489 North Scottsdale RoadScottsdale, AZ 85254(480) 348-1700

Ugly sweaters for everyone!

In their Holiday A to Z issue, Phoenix Magazine features the Alt AZ Ugly Sweater Party concert on Monday, December 12th at the Mesa Amphitheatre. The folks at granted our wish of having our own ugly sweater party at GMAZ. Hilarity ensued!

PHX magazine's Arizona Holiday A-Z issue is on newsstands - FEATURES THE UGLY SWEATER PARTY

Includes info about light shows, elf tree hikes, interesting holiday dining like Feast of the Seven Fishes, and ugly sweater parties.Includes an ugly sweater bar crawl map.Also has info about Alt AZ's Ugly Sweater Party concert on Monday, Dec. 12

For more information, visit:

Rehearsals have started for the Ahwatukee Foothills Ballet Nutcracker

It's a holiday tradition, bringing 17 years of the magic of Christmas to the Valley, and rehearsals are underway. We're talking about the Ahwatukee Foothills Ballet Nutcracker, with performances beginning Sat. Dec 17th.

This year's production of the Nutcracker again brings a performance for the entire family. Children as young as 2 will delight at seeing the dazzling characters take the stage, including the magic of a brave Nutcracker who takes on the Mouse King. Dolls, clowns and even our favorite Toy Soldier all come to live before our eyes. Angels dance on clouds. Snow falls from the ceiling. And a live Christmas tree even grows to the ceiling.

2016 marks the seventeenth annual production of The Ahwatukee Foothills Nutcracker Ballet with three performances which will be held at the Desert Vista Fine Arts Theater:Saturday, December 17th, at 2:00 & 7:00 pmSunday, December 18th at 2:00 pm

16440 S 32nd StreetPhoenix, AZ 85048

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Today's hottest trends in holiday tablescapes

It's all about events this season and with so little time on everyone's plate, Linda Schnitzer can show just how easy and simple some of today's hottest trends can be done right at home. Wrapping paper as a table runner anyone? Below are some ideas: Using ornaments as table décor Christmas tree ornaments shouldn't be limited to just the tree scatter them on the table to create a presentation that mirrors the theme you've created in the living room.Season's Greetings Instead of filling up the table with names, jot down a note of Christmas cheer on a DIY chalkboard tag. Gold Accents White and gold are nothing but elegant especially when displayed in multiple seasonal elements throughout the table.Wrapping paper as a table runner Use icy blue, silver and black as your holiday color scheme. The white and blue plates pop against the shimmery black placemats, and silver snowflake wrapping paper works as an easy table runner that's ideal for a quick clean up.For more information:

The Orchard PHX7100 N 12th Street, Phoenix, AZ602-633-2600

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