3TV's Jared Dillingham joins One-n-Ten's Celebrity Ballroom Championships

Our own Jared Dillingham will join a competitive field of dancers for the One-n-Ten Celebrity Ballroom Championships. Does he have what it takes to win? We find out while we join him live as he continues to rehearse for the big night, which will be held Sunday, August 13th. One-n-Ten's ballroom dance-off helps raise money for social services for the LGBTQ community in the Valley.

About One-n-Ten: One-n-Ten envisions a world where all LGBTQ youth and young adults are embraced for who they are, actively engaged in their communities, and empowered to lead. Our mission is to serve LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 14-24. We enhance their lives by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices. One-n-Ten is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to serving and assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. We provide youth with tools to improve self-esteem and self-acceptance. Youth range in age from 14 to 24. We create a safe space, mentally and physically, for youth of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our weekly discussion groups cover a wide range of social, educational, health and community issues.For more information, visit: http://onenten.org/dancing/

Arizona Ballroom Champions 1805 E Baseline Rd #103, Tempe, AZ 85283Baseline & McClintock

Motivational Monday: Bouncing our way into good health with Trampoline exercise

It's one of the most popular events at the Olympics, now kids everywhere want to try trampolining. And, why not? We put it to the test ad learn that it is an incredible work-out. We check out Air Sports in north Scottsdale, who are not only working with some of the top athletes in the field, but who say, this sport can also be well-suited for any child, at any age and ability.

This is a great way for kids of all shapes and sizes to be active. If a bigger kid can't play traditional sports, the trampoline is low impact; additionally, a larger kid can actually catch more air and be more active. This is also an ideal sport for smaller kids who can't compete and keep up with other traditional sports. This is a sport any sized kid can excel at.

They have classes during the day during summer break. They also offer after school programs once school starts.

For more information, visit: http://airsportstnt.com/

Air Sports (Trampoline and Tumbling)16679 N 90th St, Suite 103, Scottsdale AZ 85260 (90th St, just south of Bell Rd)Phone: (602) 400-6876

Are you overfat? "Overfat" could be the new obesity

If you are obsessed over the scale or your BMI, you might be missing the mark. The new term to watch for is "overfat" which might be the new obesity. A new study published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health suggests the number of people who meet the criteria for "overfat" are more than all of the obese and overweight people in the world. And, in the top overfat countries, researchers found 80-percent of the women were overfat as well.

Obesity and overweight are increasing in the US and the world 68.8% US adults overweight or obese; about 1/3 women and men obese Worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980; 1.9 billion adults >18 overweight or obeseHealth effects of overweight and obesity -Raised BMI is a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases such as: Cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke), which were the leading cause of death in 2012 Diabetes Musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis a highly disabling degenerative disease of the joints); Some cancers (including endometrial, breast, ovarian, prostate, liver, gallbladder, kidney and colon).This study changes the emphasis from amount of weight to amount of fat "Many normal-weight and non-obese individuals exhibit excess levels of body fat that can adversely affect their health" Use of usual measures like body mass index (BMI) "may misclassify up to 50% or more of patients with excess body fat who may have increased health risks -Introduces terms that focus on the health effect of weight Overfat is "excess fat that can impair health" regardless of weight Normal weight obesity (NWO) association between normal weight and high body fat percentage with health effects Metabolically obese body fat impacts healthWhat you should know You can be normal weight and have too much fat!! In spite of what you see on various health websites, a guide for how much body fat you should have (healthy body fat percentage) is still in process It is the fat inside your body (that you can't see) not the fat under your skin (which we obsess over in our culture) that is important -Use waist circumference as a marker Measure your middle at the level of your bellybutton (waist circumference) Waist circumference (WC) provides an independent prediction of risk over and above that of BMI At BMIs 35, waist circumference has little added predictive power of disease risk beyond that of BM WC > 102cm (40 in) in men and >88cm (35 in) in women are associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease Waist to height ratio waist should be less than half your heightTips for getting there Eat more vegetables Eat fewer carbohydrates Add healthy fats (avocado, olive, fish oils) Move more (30 minutes moderate exercise most days)Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology, 926 East McDowell Road, #134, Phoenix, AZ 85006(602) 288-0777http://centralphoenixobgyn.com/

Queen of Clean: Grab that bottle of Rubbing Alcohol! It's a great cleaner and spot remover.

DIY Hand SanitizerInstead of using store-bought hand sanitizer, make your own using 3 parts rubbing alcohol and 1-part Aloe Vera. Add a few drops of essential oil if you would like it scented. Put it in a pump dispenser for home or office use and in a small container for purse, briefcase or diaper bag.

All-Purpose Stain RemoverCombined with water, rubbing alcohol can be a great spot remover that works on a wide variety of stains from ink to coffee, says Cobb. Combine one part rubbing alcohol with two-parts water to make the spotter. If you use a large spray bottle you can add one bottle of alcohol and two of the alcohol bottles filled with water. Spray this on spots and spills. Wait a few minutes, then launder as usual.

Bathroom CleanerWet a cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol and rub firmly on bathroom fixtures. Buff with a soft cloth or dry paper towel. "This works well for water spots and soap scum. Tough Job Window Cleaner and SpotterThis formula uses NO water. Combine one pint rubbing alcohol, two tablespoons of ammonia and two tablespoons liquid dish soap. Apply to the window using a nylon-covered sponge, rinse and buff dry. "This is great for screen stains, hard-water spots and bird stains. Use your regular window cleaner to finish the window.

Grass Stain RemoverGrass stains can be particularly difficult to get out. Undiluted rubbing alcohol works wonders on grass stains. Pour it on and work it into the stain, let sit 10 to 30 minutes and launder as usual.

Appliance CleanerMix two parts rubbing alcohol and one-part water in a spray bottle. Spray on your appliances and buff clean with a micro fiber cloth. This also works on stainless steel appliances and leaves them streak-free.

Windshield Washer FluidCombine one quart of rubbing alcohol, one cup water and two tablespoons liquid dishwashing soap or laundry detergent. This solution should not freeze even at 30 degrees below zero and is great for removing that road haze in summer.

For more information visit Linda's website and Facebook page.www.Queenofclean.comhttps://www.facebook.com/Queen-of-Clean-Linda-Cobb-412666695292

"Twilight Croc Walk" is coming soon

Experience the world of reptiles after dark and get a jump on back-to school learning with the Phoenix Herpetological Society. See 21 of the world's 24 species of crocodilians, plus snakes, lizards and other reptiles during its "Twilight Croc Walk" this Fri., Aug. 11, and Sat., Aug. 26. For these rare events, this is your chance to experience nature at night with some of the world's most exotic creatures. Space is limited.

Your family will experience nature at night with some of the world's most exotic creatures. As part of the Twilight Croc Walk, visitors to PHS can:· Have dinner· Observe crocodiles and alligators feeding· Visit the petting zoo· Learn about nocturnal reptiles· Find crocs and gators in their enclosures after dark, using a flashlight to see their reflective eye shine

As a special feature, PHS will have one of its rescued alligators out for display with a researcher performing physical therapy to help with the gator's rehabilitation.

Admission to the event is $25 for adults and kids ages 4 and up, which includes access to all demonstrations and reptile feedings, wristband and dinner (hamburger, hot dog or veggie burger plus chips and a drink). Children ages 3 and younger are admitted free (a meal ticket can be purchased for $5 at the door).

Kids will get a head lamp to take home, while adults will get a commemorative can koozie.

Space is limited to ensure a high-quality experience, and people must pre-register at www.phoenixherp.com to attend. PHS is located in north Scottsdale, near 76th Street and Dynamite Road. Registrants will be given directions to the sanctuary.

To register, go to www.phoenixherp.com, and click on the Calendar link under Visit, then select Twilight Croc Walk on the date of your choice. Email crystie@phoenixherp.com or call 480-513-4377, option 3, with any questions.

Champion windsurfer featured in new movie called "Girl on Wave"

How many women compete in the world of windsurfing? Or, better yet, what do you think a professional windsurfer looks like? Champion Windsurfer Sarah Hauser will wash away any preconceived notions in a new film produced by local Scottsdale resident, Steven Esparza. The sports documentary "Girl on a Wave," which premieres in Arizona, Tues. Aug 8th, follows Sarah's quest to become the North American women's windsurfing champion.

Locally, GIRL ON WAVE can be seen on the big screen at Valley Arts Theater in Tempe at from Aug. 11-17. Advance purchase of tickets for this limited release are highly recommended.

For more information, on "Girl on Wave," visit: http://www.girlonwave.com/

For more information, visit: www.EchoHouseFilms.com

Revive yourself with a #GirlBoss Dinner

It's a rare night when two top women chefs from different restaurants team up! That's what's happening at The Four Seasons when Fat Ox Executive Chef Rochelle Daniel and Talavera Chef Samantha Sanz team up for a #GirlBoss dinner in Talavera. The special night will take place this Sat. Aug 12th with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus Pine Council.

The cost for the five-course menu is $85 per person and an extra $40 for wine pairings.

For more information, visit: http://www.fourseasons.com/scottsdale

Recipe:Grilled New York with charred tomatillo chermoula, grilled peaches and corn quark.From the Kitchen of Talavera Chef Samantha Sanz

Ingredients:2 New York steaks2 ripe peaches (cut in big planks around the pit.)

Corn quark:Crow's dairy quark about ¼ of a cup.2 corn heads (cleaned and shucked.)1 tbsp. of butterSalt and pepper to tasteEvoo

Chermoula:4 medium sized tomatillos (cleaned.)1 bunch of cilantro (chopped.)1 bunch of Italian parsley (chopped.)1 small bunch of mint (chopped.)2 lemons (save the zest and the juice.)2 teaspoons of cumin seeds or ground (toasted and ground.)2 teaspoons of coriander seeds (toasted and ground.)½ teaspoon of pimenton3 calabrese chilies (minced.)1/2 teaspoon of honey1 garlic clove2 teaspoon of white wine vinegar

Method:You can use an indoor grill plate or an outside grill to grill your New York steaks, peaches and tomatillos. Make sure to turn on the grill first thing so it is hot enough.Corn quark - in a sauté pan place the butter and let it melt, add corn kernels and let them sweat for a little bit, add salt and let them cool. Once semi cool add the corn kernels to a blender and add the goat quark to it. Finish by adding salt, pepper and a touch of evoo.Chermoula - place the tomatillos on your hot grill, a good tip is not to add any oil, that will cause a smoky reaction and the tomatillos to get a burnt oil taste that is unpleasant. Char the tomatillos as much as you can without making them too soft. In a mortar and pestle place the tomatillos, some salt and the garlic clove and mash gently. Once mashed but chunky, add the fresh herbs, parsley, mint and cilantro. Add the ground cumin, coriander, pimenton, calabrese chiles, honey, lemon zest and the juice of the 2 lemons. Finish by adding the vinegar and plenty of olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Grill the New York steak and the peaches, depending on the thickness and the temperature of the steak grill them for about 5-8 minutes on each side. Another helpful tip is to let the meat rest, without touching it or trying to cut it right away, that will release all the steaks natural juices and that is where all of our flavor is at! Serve the dish by placing the corn quark at the bottom of the plate, then the sliced steak, garnish with the grilled peaches and the chermoula on top of the steak.

Talavera at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North10600 East Crescent Moon DriveScottsdale, AZ 85262www.talaverarestaurant.com(480) 513-5085

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