'I literally got jumped by bees,' Glendale woman says of bee attack

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A Glendale man and his neighbor are recovering today after surviving a bee attack.

Steve Mullins, 62, was washing his car in his front driveway yesterday evening when he felt something on his neck.

When he went to wipe it off, he looked up and saw a whole “cloud of bees.”

He estimates there were thousands of them.

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“Before I could move, they were all over me,” said Mullins, who was stung about 50 times. “All over my arms, legs, back, my neck, my face, my eyes, my ears.”

Mullins said he fell a few times while running to his backyard and getting in his pool. He couldn’t see.

“I was scooping them out of my eyes. I was scooping them out of my ears,” he said. “I crawled the rest of the way into the water and that got them all off me.”

However, jumping in the pool is not what experts recommend you should do if swarmed by bees. To put it simply, experts say run away from the bees in a straight line.

Mullins can laugh about it now because he’s OK.

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He’s spent the last 24 hours plucking out all the stingers and saving them in a paper towel to show his wife. She wasn’t home at the time of the bee attack.

But now she might have to deal with possibly snuggling with the stingers.

“When I woke up this morning, I had all these stingers in the sheets,” said Mullins who’s still pulling them out of his body.

Mullins chose not to go to the hospital because he didn’t have major swelling.

However, his neighbor Tracy Todd did.

“I got stung about 30 times -- head face and arms -- and I’m just really sore today,” explained Todd. “Skin still burning, but I’m OK.”

She was inside her home when she heard Mullins screaming.

She didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late.

“I literally got jumped by bees,” she said. "I just wanted to wash my hair and I’m still pulling out stingers today."

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Her mom also got stung about 10 times and went to the hospital with her.

Today, Mullins and Todd compared stinger wounds, swelling marks, and gave each other a big hug, both thankful everyone will be fine.

“I’m happy to be alive,” said Mullins. “It could’ve gone the other way.”

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Dead bees can still be seen on the ground of this Glendale neighborhood. pic.twitter.com/7cS4xDIPhh— Maria Hechanova (@MariaHechanova) May 16, 2018
The moment these two Glendale neighbors reunited. They hugged & then compared their battle punctures from the bee swarm... glad they’re both okay. pic.twitter.com/2TgO98280k— Maria Hechanova (@MariaHechanova) May 16, 2018
“I got jumped by bees” - Tracy Todd explains what happened to her as she tried to rescue her neighbor. Says she pulled at least 30 stingers from her face arms and chest. Her body is still burning... feels like “it’s on fire” pic.twitter.com/mszPjNZDqm— Maria Hechanova (@MariaHechanova) May 16, 2018
62-year-old Steve Mullins shows me at least 20 of the 50-something bee stingers he pulled out of his body. Tells me he saved them to show his wife. #azfamily pic.twitter.com/qSm9E1YC1R— Maria Hechanova (@MariaHechanova) May 16, 2018
Glendale man stung 50 times escaped bee swarm by jumping in his pool. Neighbor tried to help, but got swarmed too. #azfamily pic.twitter.com/IEpcOJYeFl— Maria Hechanova (@MariaHechanova) May 16, 2018
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