Home/auto experts offer advice on coping with extreme heat

There are a number of things homeowners and car owners can do to get ready for the "extreme heat" expected to hit the Phoenix-area next week. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

There are a number of things homeowners and car owners can do to get ready for the "extreme heat" expected to hit the Phoenix area next week.

Henry Langarica is a senior service technician with Cool Blew, an air conditioning and heating company.

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He said there are a number of small, inexpensive things people can do around their homes to save energy, and reduce the chances their AC will break down at the worst possible time.

Langarica suggests:

*Closing window blinds.

*Turn off lights

*Ceiling fans should only be used when someone is in the room.

*Make sure all windows and doors are closed.

When it comes to the thermostat, Langarica recommends setting it between 78 and 82 degrees when someone is home and 80 to 85 degrees if no one is there.

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It's also a good idea to change your air conditioning air filter. If not, the AC unit will be working a lot harder than it should, Langarica said.

"A dirty air filter can cause less air flow into the home, so in turn, no air flow in your system will actually freeze it up," said Langarica. "The system will not get the correct expansion of the freon. That little $2.50 filter can cause some major damage to your system."

But what about cars, trucks and SUVs?

Jeff Inman, with Inman and Sons Auto Repair Center said that batteries more than 2 years old should probably be replaced.

Inman also recommends:

*Change the air filter.

*Look for cracks or worn tread on tires.

*Don't over inflate tires.

*Tires should be under inflated in high heat.

"If it's supposed to be 32, I would put 30," said Inman.

"If it's recommended 35, I would put 32-33. Drop it down a couple pounds because with this heat it will rise that temp and air pressure."

It's also a good idea to keep extra water in the car with you, he said.

You never know when you or your vehicle might need it.

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