Parents like to think their kids are safe at school, but with all the mass shootings on campuses across the country, moms and dads have reason to worry.

Flagstaff dad John Birdsell decided he'd be the one to make schools safer, so he came up with the idea to build a bulletproof desk through his company School Security Solutions.

"The Parkland shooting was kind of the tipping point, when I said, 'Gosh, it doesn't seem like anyone is doing anything at all to increase classroom security,'" said Birdsell.

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The desks weigh about 200 pounds, are made of Armor Core, a ballistic fiberglass resin composite, and can stop multiple rounds of an AR-15 or AK-47.

"Typically, I would think a classroom of 25 kids would have three desks in close proximity," said Birdsell. "The desk is designed to shelter six to eight kids depending on how large they are."

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Birdsell envisions the desks being used for daily school activities, but if an active shooter comes on campus, teachers can flip the desk over and kids can hide behind it.

"If you're going to have students sheltering in a classroom, this will provide shelter," said Birdsell. "Classrooms currently don't have any shelter at all."

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Retired elementary school teacher Carol Hale gave us her thoughts on the bulletproof desk.

"I think it's very sad that we have to be at this place but it could help to have somewhere to hide for kids, and having somewhere safe," said Hale. "A barrier may be helpful."

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"Classroom walls are like tissue paper to bullets, they don't provide any shelter," said Birdsell.

Each desk costs around $1,650.

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