Shocking new details have emerged in documents detailing the case of a teacher accused of having sex with a student at Las Brisas Academy in Goodyear.

A notice of claim has been filed against several employees in the Liberty Elementary School District in connection with 27-year-old Brittany Zamora, who was accused back in March of alleged sexual misconduct with a 13-year-old male student.

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The alleged victim was a sixth-grader at Las Brisas Academy near 182nd Avenue and Broadway.

In April, Zamora, a sixth-grade teacher, pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

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Police say a parent found text messages between Zamora and the male student, indicating sexual activity both on and off campus.

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"The text messages found are sexual in nature that allege an ongoing relationship between the two," said Lisa Kutis with the Goodyear Police Department.

The "notice of claim" alleges "negligence of the school administrators and district in failing to prevent this abuse from taking place." It also claims the alleged victim "suffered severe emotional distress and continues to suffer severe emotional distress as a result of the sexual abuse" and that the parents of the victim "experienced emotional distress and will continue to do so in the future."

Police said the parents of the 13-year-old alleged victim used an app to monitor his phone.

"As a result of an app, which alerted the parents to some keywords, they then checked the cell phone and discovered these text messages," Kutis said.

"They froze different screens off the student's phone," said Interim Superintendent Dr. Richard Rundhaug, speaking of the alleged victim's parents.

The notice of claim states that "not only had Zamora exchanged inappropriate texts with John Doe (the alleged victim) but she had also molested John Doe on several occasions," with acts including sex, inappropriate touching and the exchange of pornographic images.

The notice of claim also states that "many of these events took place at school during school hours or at school-sponsored events..." and that "the most reprehensible of these acts were committed after Liberty School District officials had reasonable grounds to report Zamora's conduct to law enforcement."

Included in the notice of claim are some of the texts allegedly exchanged between the victim and Zamora.

According to the notice of claim, those texts included: Victim: "I want to [expletive] you so badly" Zamora: "I know baby! I want you every day with no time limit" Zamora: "If I could quit my job and [expletive] you all day I would" Victim: "I need more [expletive] from u" Zamora: "I'll give you whatever you want baby."The notice of claim states Zamora started becoming "more aggressive in her interactions with and grooming of John Doe. Zamora openly flirted with John Doe at recess."

A bag full of Post-Its and notes was also found, and those notes contained explicit messages, stated the notice of claim. It says those messages included: "You get me [expletive] as [expletive]" "Your husband gonna flip out" "[STUDENT] keeps looking so I can't [expletive] you." "Let me [expletive] you." "What time we gonna [expletive]? "You will be my wife someday in this crazy life." "I'll give you whatever you want baby"The report also says that the alleged victim's friend "explained that he would sit at Zamora's desk so that Zamora could 'mess around' with John Doe at the desk."

According to the notice of claim, "Principal Dickey had 'reasonable grounds' to report the allegations of an inappropriate teacher-student relationship. Despite his knowledge of allegations that Zamora and John Doe were dating and that she might be pregnant, Principal Dickey failed to report the allegations."

At the conclusion of the report, it states that the claim for "John Doe" can be settled for $2 million. It also states that the claims of his parents can be settled for $250K each.

Back in March, Zamora was booked into Fourth Avenue Jail on two counts of molestation of a child, one count of furnishing harmful material and nine counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

During her initial court appearance, she stated that she'd love to go home to her husband.

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We spoke to the parents of the alleged victim in March.

They called Zamora "monster."

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The couple asked that we alter their voices and not show their faces during the interview.

"He was taken advantage of," said the boy's stepmom. "She was just using him for her own grotesque benefits."

"You teach your kids there's no such thing as monsters at all," said the father of the victim. "But in the real world, there are monsters. Brittany Zamora is a monster."

The couple also slammed the administration at Las Brisas Academy for ignoring alleged warning signs and now trying to cover it up.

"A big thing for us is that we want people to understand, just because it's a boy makes no difference," the boy's father said. "It's the same. It's a 13-year-old child who got taken advantage by a monster."

"He's started to express different emotions. He's sad, and slept all day," said the victim's stepmother. "It's starting to hit him, the reality of what actually happened."

The couple says Las Brisas administrators were aware of allegations and rumors of a relationship between the teen and the teacher, but kept parents in the dark.

[To read the paperwork in its entirety, CLICK HERE.]

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