Chandler student chosen to attend final presidential debate

Zhengdong Wang will be attending the last presidential debate in Las Vegas. (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

Hamilton High School senior, Zhengdong Wang, is one of two students selected from across the country to attend the final presidential debate taking place in Las Vegas.

The 17-year-old debate student won the PBS Education’s ’50 for 50’ contest after writing an open letter to the candidates with ideas to improve the effectiveness of government.

"If they were to just sit down and talk about the issues only without any questions about each other's personal flaws, which both of them do have, then it would be really constructive. But it might not be as interesting to the average viewer," says Wang.

Wang says he would have wanted to see more discussion about foreign relations in Sunday night's debate, but he had some thoughts about what he saw.

Opening a debate without a handshake, Wang says, is not that unusual, but he knew the tense moment between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was worth noting.

"What I asked myself was do they usually shake at the beginning of presidential debates so that made me kind of interested," said Wang.

Wang feels Trump's arguments with the moderators were part of a strategy.

"What he's running on partially is that the system is rigged in favor of those already in power and so that might play more to his platform," said Wang.

The teen was particularly moved by the last town hall question of the night, asking candidates to say something nice about one another.

"I wanted to remember his name. Carl Becker, I would write his name on my ballot," said Wang.

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