There is a new push to change the way people see Phoenix at night.

The city has started experimenting with LED lights, but some residents say the current ones are too harsh and should be swapped for warmer, softer lights.

City officials are testing out 4000 and 3000 Kelvin bulbs along Pecan Street in south Phoenix. Some residents told us they like how bright they are because the streets were very dark prior. Others said they didn't even notice a difference.

Still, there is a petition circulating to show the city there is plenty of opposition.

"The first thing you notice is the amount of glare," said Nicole Rodriguez, the president of her neighborhood association. "It's going to be more of a harsh white light. Some people will describe them as zombie lights."

While Rodriguez does not live on Pecan Street, if the city chooses the same bulbs for their city-wide conversion, hers will look very similar.

"It gives a very sterile atmosphere to our neighborhoods," she said.

The city of Phoenix is testing energy-efficient LED lights for its 90,000 street lamps, saying the neighborhoods will be safer with brighter lights. Rodriguez said LED lights are fine, but she prefers what she calls softer 2700 Kelvin bulbs.

"If we have higher, harsher, brighter whiter lights that are on our streets, we tend to close our blinds, and then we shut ourselves off from the outdoors," Rodriguez said.

She showed us a letter that nine community organizations signed to try and convince Phoenix to go warmer . Rodriguez also points to a recent American Medical Association study suggesting very bright LED lights could be detrimental to our sleep schedules, and even lead to more serious health problems.

"Some people say, 'Light it up like Vegas,' but Vegas is the city that doesn't sleep," Rodriguez said. "We don't want that."

The city said it won't comment until the panel presents recommendations next week.

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