Billboard depicting Trump with mushroom clouds and swastika-like dollar signs pops up in Phoenix

Billboard depicting Trump with mushroom clouds and swastika-like dollar signs pops up in Phoenix. [Source: 3TV/CBS5 News]

Neighbor Jeff Whiteman woke up Friday to see President Donald Trump's likeness staring right back at him through his kitchen window.

"It’s pretty drastic, I thought swastikas were very crude and violent," he said.

His new view was created and paid for by Los Angeles-based artist Karen Fiorito.

"I'm very frustrated like I think a lot of people are, and I don't think we feel our voices are being heard," said Fiorito.

She chose the shocking symbolism to reflect that. “To me it says power, money, and dictatorship," she said, describing the Nazi swastika-like dollar signs on the billboard.

It seems the whole city has taken notice, people stopping to look and take photos.

"As I came in and looked back it really got my attention,” said neighbor Cassandra Fraustro.

Fiorito's friend owns the billboard itself and is not charging her rent.

She plans to keep the piece up for at least a year, if not through the end of Trump's presidency.

"We have a leader of our country and we should respect him whether we agree with him or not," said Whiteman.

Eleventh Monk3y, a locally owned business right below the sign says it has nothing to do with the billboard. It hopes people unhappy with the sign won’t take it out on them.

“Something as bold and powerful as that statement, people do tend to get angry and upset,” said Ruben Gonzalez with Eleventh Monk3y.

He’s worried about possible threats, vandalism, and even violence.

"We’re a storefront like any other store. There’s bars on the windows but it’s not going to stop them from busting the window. Or just people sometimes can just linger outside and wait for someone to walk up,” said Gonzalez.

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