The past two nights we've shown you breaking news of drivers stranded in fast-moving flood water.

Now, rescue crews are ready for more scenes like that.

On Tuesday, a man was pulled to safety after finding himself stranded in the water near 319th Avenue and Baseline Road after his car was washed down the river.

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"They ended up doing what we call a shallow water rescue where we put men in the water with this type of equipment and we work our way to the vehicle," said Michael Velasco, firefighter and EMT with the Phoenix Fire Department.

When the water receded, the man’s car had been buried in mud.

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Then the following night, a driver and a passenger needed to be airlifted from the Salt River near 91st and Southern avenues.

Phoenix Fire Station 8's Technical Rescue team was the one to make that save on Tuesday night, one they expect to do that a dozen times by the end of the year. Each time, putting themselves at risk.

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"The water is very unpredictable. It could be going very very fast. There could be debris in the water," said Velasco.

That's why crews train every couple of months.

"These are not just three or four firefighters making a rescue. There could be up to 12 because we have to put people up the water, down the water, to see what's coming at us," said Velasco.

So what do rescuers say you should do if you find yourself being washed away in floodwaters? Most drivers stay in their car.

"It's a hard decision to make. If the car's starting to fill up, you kind of go into panic mode. But at least they're somewhat protected. If they get in the water, they can be swept downstream,” said Velasco.

Of course, he says the best thing to do is to try and avoid getting in this type of situation by not driving in through this kind of floodwater in the first place.

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