Some unwelcome guests made themselves comfortable in a north Phoenix attic. But one beekeeper had a trick to make the eviction go smoothly.

The Pfeifer family noticed a lot of bees around their house Saturday, and when the beekeeper came to investigate Sunday, he said found 30,000 bees in this attic. They came in through a backyard vent.

"My skin was crawling, it really was," said Dawn Pfeifer. "I had the heebie jeebies."

Inside the attic, it was dry and quiet. And in their backyard was a preserve - or a breakfast buffet.

"It's pretty normal for us to be around bees, but never did I think a size hive like that would be up there," she said.

"The bees are more busy sooner, and a lot more flowers for them to be visiting," said beekeeper Rob Ungvary with Blooming Ranch said. Judging by the size of the comb, he thinks they had been there for a matter of days.

He knew to do this without a vacuum, he'd need to find the queen, because the bees will go wherever she goes.

"I was able to find her," Ungvary said. "I put her in the hive box I had up there, and I was able to scrape the bees off and literally dump them into the box."

If anything good came out of this, it might be a little raw honey for Pfeifer's pantry.

"I'm kind of hoping I get a lifetime supply of something," she said.

To try and prevent this, Ungvary said make sure you cover any openings in your house with wire mesh and caulking. There are also swarm traps you can use if your home is a frequent spot for hives.

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