There are still a lot unanswered questions surrounding the next Arizona state budget - which is expected to be released any day now.

Last year's budget was wrapped up by March 4.

This year, the budget is taking a bit longer, which means there's more debate over where taxpayer dollars should be spent, especially when it comes to education.

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A spokesperson for Gov. Doug Ducey's office said the budget is expected to be around $9.5 billion.

Roughly $32 million is projected to be spent on state universities, with up to $140 million in K-12 spending.

The education funding would be in addition to the money Arizona schools would receive if Prop. 123 passes next month.

Rebecca Gau is the executive director of Stand for Children, an education advocacy group.

She said that everything she's hearing from state lawmakers about education funding, sounds encouraging, but she knows that things can change in an instant.

"You'll have a budget dropped in the Senate, they'll be amendments and negotiations between members," said Gau. "It's never a done deal until it's on the governor's desk, and he signs it."

Other education groups have raised concerns that this year's budget places too much weight on Prop. 123 passing, and pumping $3.5 billion into Arizona education over the next 10 years.

State House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro (R-Avondale) said it's up to voters to decide how much we should spend on education.

"If the people of Arizona tell us no on 123 - what they are telling us is - they don't want more money to go to education," said Montenegro. "And what they want us to focus on are reforms."

Another key element of this year's budget is expected to be another wave of tax cuts.

An $8 million tax cut is expected to be approved to help small businesses while keeping intact the state's $500 million surplus.

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