Arizona domestic violence deaths on pace to hit 100 this year

(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Domestic violence kills one person every three days in Arizona, according to the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

As of October, 66 people lost were killed, putting the state on track to keep pace with prior years, said Doreen Nichols, the response manager for the domestic violence coalition.

Their numbers show 100 people died in domestic violence incidents in 2016, along with 10 house pets, down slightly from 2015 when 107 people lost their lives.

"That people minimize this issue astounds me and maybe because it's a person over here and a couple of people over there it's lethal and we need to start focusing on better accountability and monitoring of perpetrators," she said Thursday.

The issue of DV is once again back in focus following a brutal Christmas killing where a 38-year-old man gunned down his estranged wife and two young children in Phoenix.

Nichols says these killings are not random or spur of the moment where someone breaks.

"They don't snap. Now that's a myth. They don't snap, they don't get pushed to the edge, they choose to escalate their use of violence if they are not getting the response they want," she said.

Nichols also said another myth is that domestic violence increases around the holidays. In fact, she says there's a greater threat for violent incidents after the holidays when life returns to normal.

"A lot of times, like we talked about before, it'll spike after the holidays because many parents, especially the protective parents, do what they can to keep things kind of normal through the holidays for the children's sake," Nichols said.

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