After homeless man burglarized, Phoenix community raises money to replace items


The Phoenix community has come together to help a homeless man who was burglarized. Saturday, the woman spearheading the fundraiser presented the man, John, and his dog, Sampson, with their new ride.

Mary Ruderstaller said passes John and Sampson every day on the way to work.

"I asked him if his dog was OK, did he have enough food and water, and I asked was he OK, and he said yes to both," Ruderstaller said.

They struck up a friendship, and now Ruderstaller brings John and Sampson lunch.

"Let me tell you, he loves his lunch and I have so much pride in making his lunch and he loves everything I put in it," Ruderstaller said.

But she noticed his belongings were a little worse for the wear. She started a fundraising page online, and her friends really came through.

"It's amazing how everyone has come together," Ruderstaller said.

Until it was all taken away.

"We ended up getting him that same cart, and a bunch of other stuff and that's when everything was stolen," she said.

So they started fundraising again, and Saturday, Ruderstaller gave John and Sampson their new pet trailer.

"Now, every time I post pictures of those two, they're making comments and they just love these two," Ruderstaller said of her friends on Facebook.

The new bike has an anti-theft alarm. Ruderstaller said John is trying to get a job and get housing.

"He has very little and I have a lot of animal friends, and if we can all come together and give him the necessities and make his life a little easier, why not?" Ruderstaller said.

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