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Arizona’s Family (KTVK 3TV, KPHO-TV CBS 5, azfamily.com) is the premier local news, weather, sports, and entertainment destination in Arizona. We serve all Arizonans from our studios in the Phoenix metro area, northern Arizona communities from our bureau in Flagstaff, and soon southwestern Arizona from our new Yuma bureau.

Proudly owned by Gray Media Group, Arizona’s Family delivers more original content, 24/7 live breaking news, First Alert weather, and in-depth coverage on issues that matter most to the people of Arizona. We’re always on-air, online, on social media, and on most streaming TV devices.

Anytime. Anywhere

Arizona’s Family delivers more than 100 hours of live news a week between CBS 5 and 3TV in Phoenix.

If you’re not in front of your TV, we’ve got you covered. The suite of azfamily news apps keeps you on top of all the latest news alerts, updates, and live newscasts straight to your mobile or streaming device, 24/7.

Arizona’s Family also serves more than a million people on their social media accounts, giving fans, friends, and followers unique access to the family any time of the day or night.

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Rich History, Brighter Future

Arizona’s first television station (CBS 5) and one formed by a former Arizona Governor who co-authored the GI Bill (3TV) are not the only claims to fame for the stations that make up Arizona’s Family. From the beloved CBS 5′s children’s program, The Wallace and Ladmo Show, to 3TV’s ever-popular Good Morning Arizona, our programs have been a part of the valley’s culture for decades.

Good Morning Arizona continues to serve up amazing mornings with an ensemble cast that is second to none. It’s been the fan-favorite morning experience that’s dominated the morning landscape for more than 20 years.

And when Arizonans have a problem, they go to On Your Side to help them get answers and solutions. The On Your Side team isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions to get justice for Arizonans who have been wronged.

Furthermore, Arizona’s Family Investigates reporters Morgan Loew and Amy Cutler exhibit grit every day in their endless pursuit of righting wrongs. In 2016, Morgan received the Edward R Murrow Award, the highest honor in journalism, for his coverage of abandoned mine pollution in Arizona.