A murder, a missing man and a suicide

By Jennifer Thomas

In surveillance video, James Keefer and Gregory Hawkins stop at a gas station in Wickenburg. James Keefer has not been seen since. Gregory Hawkins has since killed himself after being accused of murder. They can be seen in this video filling up the tank and buying snacks. Also, before leaving, they make their way over to the attached Jack In The Box. They order up lunch and sit together for about 15 minutes.

The video was taken on Dec. 20. That's just one day before Cynthia Langrall was shot and killed while out jogging.

Other surveillance video, taken from a neighbor's house, showed Cynthia Langrall jogging moments before her murder. Those cameras also caught a car driving by. According to police, that same car can also be seen in the video from Wickenburg. The car belonged to James Keefer. Police found the vehicle and Gregory Hawkins on New Year's Eve at his mother's California home. A 12-hour standoff ended only after Hawkins killed himself.

Investigators say say Gregory Hawkins was "a vengeful man who set out to target persons whom he had conflict with over the course of his life." He allegedly killed Langrall because of a falling out with her husband, Charles Webber. Webber is a former friend of Hawkin's. They worked together for years and served together in the Navy.

Police now say his other friend and roommate, James Keefer, may also be the victim of foul play. Glendale Police Officer Karen Gerardo says, "Obviously there is concern. His family doesnt know where he is. We have not located him yet. So, there is concern for his welfare."

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