Surprise woman upset that nearly $3,000 in fraudulent charges were ruled “legit”

After disputing and having the $3,000 in fraud charges, Citi Bank put the charges back on her account and said they found no fraud.
Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 4:15 PM MST
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SURPRISE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Denia Garrett is proud of her daughter, who competes in cheerleading competitions around the country and even overseas. To help manage all the expenses that come along with cheering, Denia uses her Citi Bank card. “I mainly use it for our expenses during the season,” Denia told On Your Side. “So, I use it to book our airline fare and our hotel reservations. That’s what I mainly use it for.”

But in July, weird charges started popping up on her Citi credit card account. “They started off as just even numbers like $100 and $150. Over and over and over.” Additional charges then followed. In all, the fraud amounted to around $3,000.

Denia says she immediately disputed the charges; after all, Citi boasts on its website of having a $0 Liability on Unauthorized Transactions, and you’re not liable for unauthorized purchases. “At first, I took a deep breath and I was like, it’s Citi Bank. They’re going to protect me and the charges are obviously fraud charges,” Denia said.

Citi reversed all the charges and temporarily returned all the money to Denia’s account. Months later, Denia says Citi put the charges back onto her account, saying they found no fraud. Denia says Citi’s decision is extremely stressful. “Especially around Christmas. You know, Christmas is around the corner and I don’t need this (mental) weight on me this season.”

Not knowing what to do next, Denia took a chance and contacted On Your Side. “Well, I sent you an email. I sent Gary Harper an email and the stress is just getting to me.”

Harper asked Citi to reopen their investigation regarding Denia’s account, and they did. On your Side is waiting to hear back from Citi. In the meantime, Denia says she’s glad to have us on her side. “Oh my gosh! I think you’re amazing. You contacted me fast, and it’s kind of a relief because I keep calling these call centers, and I get connected overseas, Denia said. “I can’t understand them, and they can’t understand me. I feel like all I’m doing is going in circles.”

Once Citi fraud investigators reach a decision, On Your Side will let you know in a follow-up news report.

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