Mother fears missing Sandee Hines may be dead after disappearing with a child sex crimes fugitive

A Mesa woman disappeared with a man on the run from the law over child sex crime allegations and her mother fears she's dead.
Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 9:35 PM MST
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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A mother is desperate for answers after her daughter vanished in 2020 with a known fugitive on the run for sex crimes against children.

Andee Dinan said her daughter, Sandee Hines, didn’t know about Jason Hines’ alleged crimes until after they were married and now fears she is dead.

While others are getting ready to hang holiday lights and decorations, Dinan flew in from California to hang “missing” flyers and doesn’t celebrate holidays anymore. They just haven’t been the same since March of 2020. “There’s no way that she would be gone three years without a trace. Three years,” said Dinan.

Hines went missing on March 4, 2020, a disappearance she said got overlooked as the world shut down during the pandemic. Sandee was married to Jason Hines, a second marriage for her, but one she gushed to her mom about. “From what she said, he treated her good, talked good to her, did all the nice things for her and that’s part of the trap,” she said.

What she said her daughter didn’t know was his alleged checkered past that was about to become their present and future. Mesa police said Jason Hines reportedly molested children in at least three separate incidents starting in 2013 but was arrested and booked in 2017 after being charged for sexual conduct with a minor. That case was weaving its way through the court system, and Dinan said in 2020 that’s when everything changed. “He was supposed to go back in March to do the plea bargain or not, and he rejected it, and next thing I knew he was gone,” said Dinan.

Sandee’s mother said she had just had a yard sale, and things seemed normal until she stopped responding to everyone, including her own children, who are in their 20s. Dinan said her daughter’s car was found filthy in a parking lot and that detectives have important video of it. “They had it actually on video that her car was abandoned but they couldn’t see who it was in the car that Jason got into after he got out of her car. They couldn’t see who it was,” she said. “Was there video of her?” asked true crime correspondent Briana Whitney. “No, just him,” said Dinan.

Dinan said she went to her daughter’s house shortly after, and the scene sent up a red flag for her immediately. “When I went to her house all of his stuff was gone. All of hers was there,” she said. “No bank transactions, no credit cards, nothing. Absolutely no trace of her.”

Now, more than three years later, Dinan flew in for just a few days to hang more flyers, hoping anyone who sees them might know something. She not only fears for her daughter but also for any young children Hines may come in contact with who unknowingly could be in danger. “A mother never gives up,” she said. “Just the unknown is the worst,”

Mesa police did confirm Jason Hines as a fugitive and Sandee Hines being missing are open cases in their department, and they said they are working with the U.S. Marshals Service to try and capture him. If you have any information about the disappearance of Jason and Sandee Hines, you’re urged to call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.

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