Phoenix homeowner receives full refund after On Your Side confronts shutter company owner

Homeowner Paid For Wooden Shutters 10 Months Ago
The On Your Side team helps Phoenix man get his money back for shutters he paid for and didn't get.
Published: Nov. 1, 2023 at 9:46 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -On Your Side went looking for answers regarding a Phoenix homeowner and his window shutters that were ordered 10 months ago and haven’t arrived. So, we went to the house of the shutter company’s owner for an explanation.

“I’m going to give back his money,” Kevin Cash, owner of All Good Shutter and Blinds, claimed. On Your Side’s Gary Harper replied, “Well, that’s why he called me because you haven’t, and he’s tired of waiting.” Again, Cash said he would resolve the issue. “Okay, I will give him back his money.”

Matt Huentelman says he and other customers who placed orders with Cash and his business, All Good Shutter and Blind, have been left empty-handed. “Yeah, the last we heard was that he was going to come buy and drop off our refund check. But it has not happened.”

Huentelman’s problem started way back in January when he and his wife decided to replace their old, worn-out paper blinds with plantation shutters, mainly to block out the heat. “I do not like looking at these,” Huentelman said, looking at his paper blinds. “These are definitely not the solution we were looking for.”

After looking around, Huentelman settled on a company called All Good Shutter and Blind, owned by Kevin Cash. Remember him?

Cash drew up an invoice and then asked for $3,950, which Huentelman gave him in two different payments. But again, this was ten long months ago, and not only is Huentelman still stuck with his paper blinds, but he says he can’t get All Good Shutter and Blind to call him back about refunding his money.

And Huentelman is not alone. Online reviews show complaints indicating things are not “all good” when it comes to All Good Shutter and Blind. One person wrote, “It’s been 6 MONTHS, and I still don’t have my blinds and shutters.”. Another said, “Do not put yourself through the agony. He is only good at collecting the money.

All Good Shutter and Blind doesn’t have a business address, but its owner, Cash, certainly does. So, On Your Side went to his house regarding Huentelman’s $3,950. “Okay, I am going to give back his money,” Cash said as he walked away from us. “But wait,” Harper said, “Do you want to talk about this?” Cash replied, “No, we’re just having some financial issues. We’re going to close the business, and I’ll give back his money,” he shot back, waving his hand at Harper. “I mean, it sounds like a blowoff,” Harper stated, doubting the statement. “Are you really going to give back his money? Cash said, “Yes. Our house is on the market and stuff. We’re just having financial problems.”

Well, less than 24 hours after my visit, Huentelman says this cashier’s check for $3,950 was hand-delivered by Cash. Matt says it never would have happened without On Your Side. “Well, it’s really important to us,” Huentelman said about getting his money back. “Being out almost $4,000 is not insignificant. So, we are very thankful to Gary Harper and the On Your Side team.

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