Surprise Squad heads to Phoenix Fry’s for another gas giveaway

Sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers
There wasn’t much traffic at the Fry’s Fuel Center at 43rd Ave & Northern when we first arrived, but then the people came. (Sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers)
Published: Oct. 24, 2023 at 11:50 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- There wasn’t much traffic at the Fry’s Fuel Center at 43rd Avenue and Northern when Arizona’s Family Gibby Parra first arrived. He was there to give away free gas to drivers as part of Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers. When the event started, there was only one car filling up.

“What would it mean to have a full tank?” Gibby asked the woman at the pump. She told him it would mean a lot because she uses so much gas daily, drives to different appointments, and picks up her grandchildren. She smiled as Gibby told her not to worry about paying for fuel on this day.

He moved to a different where a woman informed him she only had about two miles left of gas in her tank. “Let’s put in 300 miles in there!” Gibby shouted. “Go fill it up to the top.”

Gibby then approached the driver of an older car that had pulled into the fuel center. “It looks like you car needs some gas.”

I need more than gas,” the driver said with a laugh. “I need some money; I need some ice cream, cookies, cake,” Gibby said he couldn’t provide the food items but could help with the gas.

A woman at a nearby pump recognized Gibby from television. When Gibby told her he was paying for her gas, she asked if she could hug him. Gibby said he would take a hug, of course.

He continued to go from pump to pump as more cars pulled into the space. He eventually went back to the pump where the driver he asked for ice cream, cookies, and cake was filling up. He handed the man a $200 gift card and said that on top of buying himself some treats, he had better buy his girlfriend some flowers.

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