On Your Side recovers $130K for viewers in September

On Your Side helped a wide range of viewers in September.
On Your Side helped a wide range of viewers in September.(Arizona's Family)
Published: Sep. 28, 2023 at 6:09 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Another month has come and gone. But before we say hello to October, let’s see how much On Your Side was able to recover or save our viewers.

Margaret Lomax has two checks totaling $120,000, courtesy of On Your Side. “I’ve got it all back,” she said. “Thank you!” Earlier in September, Lomax told On Your Side that she sold her home in California and deposited her proceeds into her bank account. She then wired $120,000 from that account into her Citibank account. But although all $120,000 arrived, Lomax said it vanished right before her eyes. “It was actually right there on the screen. And then poof! Just disappeared,” she said.

Citibank told Lomax they seized her money because they believed the deposit was fraudulent. Unable to get her money back, Lomax contacted On Your Side and we asked Citibank to investigate. They did, and immediately returned all $120,000 back to Lomax. She says it only happened because of On Your Side. “I’m very thrilled with you guys,” she said. “And if I run across anybody, I will be recommending you!”

On Your Side also helped Rebecca Quinn. “I love On Your Side,” she told us. “I highly recommend On Your Side to anyone who feels they’re stuck.”

Quinn’s sewer line broke and needed to be replaced for $8,000. Although she had a warranty for the sewer line through a company called Service Line Warranties of America, the company denied her claim, saying the broken pipe was under an enclosed Arizona room, and their warranty doesn’t cover what they consider “indoor” plumbing.

So, On Your Side asked the company to review that matter again, and they had a change of heart. They had a plumbing company dig up the collapsed sewer line and a new one was installed. Quinn says she couldn’t afford the $8,000 bill and was glad On Your Side asked Service Line Warranties of America to take a second look. “I am so happy because everything is resolved and we’re getting everything all fixed,” she said.

When On Your Side wasn’t getting money back for viewers, we were busy working behind the scenes, trying to track down fake contractors. On Your Side went looking for Joe Flores after viewers said they paid him thousands of dollars for hardscaping but that he never showed up after being paid. Flores never returned our inquiries, but his victims want you to avoid doing business with the fake contractor.

And finally, On Your Side helped Erine Erickson. Tesla mistakenly shut off her ability to supercharge her vehicle, meaning she was stuck charging for up to 12 hours at a time instead of just 15 minutes.

Once we brought the issue to Tesla’s attention, the manufacturer turned the key feature back on. Erickson says she couldn’t have done it without On Your Side. “Wow, when I was dealing with this, I had sent like 30 or more emails and nothing,” she said. “Then, once On Your Side got involved, it was resolved, so thank you.”

In September alone, On Your Side recovered more than $130,000 for our viewers. So far in 2023, the total is more than $470,000 – on pace to be our most successful year.

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