People line up around to block to sample the new French’s flavored Skittles

Published: Aug. 3, 2023 at 9:51 AM MST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - In celebration of National Mustard Day, French’s Mustard and Skittles are teaming up with a new tangy pairing, mustard flavored Skittles. The limited edition Skittles are the most recent in a years-long history of unique mustard-flavored pairings to bring attention to the condiment’s special day.

Wednesday, the French’s Mustard Mobile stopped in Washington, DC to give people there a chance to try out the new concoction. Ahead of the four hour event, the line wrapped around the block at the City Center shopping area.

The line surprised some who came down to try mustard Skittles. ”We were definitely surprised at how long the line was,” said Kate Swetz. “One guy came up and was like ‘What is this for’ and we were like ‘Mustard flavored Skittles’.

“I like mustard,” remarked 7-year-old Lex Bagley when asked why he decided to try the new Skittles.

After waiting in line to try the Skittles, those who ‘mustard’ the courage had mixed reactions.

“That’s horrible,” Bagley said after trying.

Swetz had a different approach, even going for a second Skittles. “That’s mustardy… it’s not horrible though,” she said.

French’s Mustard says they expected the Skittles wouldn’t be a hit with everybody. However, Communications Manager Sarah Windham explained, the goal of this collaboration is just to have fun, not give people a new favorite food. “French’s has such a loyal fan base and so does Skittles, and the combination of the two is just so much fun.”

Mustard fans have only one more chance to get the Skittles in person. The final in-person giveaway will be Friday, August 4 at Hudson River Park in New York City, from 11AM–3PM. However, people can also enter a contest online to win a chance to try the limited-edition Skittles.