Scottsdale couple dealing with bee problem along ADOT-owned sound wall

Wendi Kawa says they can’t enjoy their backyard, and the bees are also making their way into the neighbor’s yards.
Published: May. 24, 2023 at 8:30 PM MST|Updated: May. 24, 2023 at 9:18 PM MST
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Valley couple has a big bee problem in their backyard! The bees are piling up on the wall behind their house. It’s a sound wall ADOT put up decades ago to block the noise from the freeway on the other side of their property. But that couple says they are having difficulty getting help from the state to remove the bees. Arizona’s Family stepped in, and it seems help may be on the way.

Wendi Kawa says she has been trying to get someone from ADOT to help her with the problem for the last three weeks. She and her husband have lived in their home off the Loop 101 and Raintree Drive in Scottsdale for over 25 years. “My husband James came in one day and said there are large amount of bees out there. They just started to build a bigger cluster,” she said. “It’s a little bit scary because at night time they get to be a really large cluster of bees.”

She says they can’t enjoy their backyard, and the bees are also making their way into the neighbor’s yards. “They [next-door neighbor] have a swimming pool right there. The pool people that were cleaning the pool were getting harassed and bitten by the bees working there,” she said.

Kawa says ADOT installed a sound wall more than 20 years ago to block the noise from the freeway. She claims she has been trying to reach them for help but hasn’t had any luck. “I left several messages about three or four days in a row,” she explained. “They said they have been here and looked at the wall on their side, which is the freeway side, and said they don’t see any problems, and I said, well, they’re on our side of the wall. They said they were going to come look at this side of the wall, and they have not come to take a look at this side.”

Arizona’s Family contacted ADOT. A spokesperson said, “We don’t know who the homeowner might have spoken to three weeks ago, but our maintenance team is engaging an on-call contractor to address the problem.” “It’s just a dangerous situation to have those bees so close to us,” Kawa said.

We followed up with ADOT asking when they can send someone out to help. They said they would call on Thursday to set it up, and Kawa hopes that will happen. She adds they had this same problem six years ago, but at that time, ADOT had a bee company come out to help remove the bees.